The Truth Messenger


The Truth Messenger

August 22, 2022, 12:22


Send them cross Universes!…

Blow the trumpets and cry!

Open eyes, open ears,

to that small Butterfly!


Open hearts, open mind!…

Penetrate new tune blow,

of your horns and your trumpets,

and the Butterflies glow…


For the darkness is over!

But you still hate and lie,

the Magnificence, missing,

of the small Butterfly!…


Drop your old and torn habits!

See Life new, with new eyes!…

See those gentle, sweet flying

Messenger Butterflies!…


Loud they cannot shout!

It is you, who refine,

and align your new sensors

to New Freedom Divine…


Start reacting and watching!

For too long you have slept,

in a prison, this Planet,

in dark claws tightly kept!


For God sent all His Armies

and His Warriors, fight,

conquer darkness, smash raptors,

heal Mankind to Light!


Messengers of the Truth

are His sweet Butterflies!

Do, embrace your New Freedom!…

Sing your Joy to the Skies!…



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