These are not God’s creation!

  These are Not God’s Creation!   These are not God’s creation. These are raptors and thugs. They crawl deep swamps and miasma, undergrounds and muds…   They have teeth to devour. Their ugliness stinks. How can Father make gators, killer sharks, do you think?   Snakes hit man from behind. Vipers bites, venom kill! […]

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Beyond any time

  Beyond Any Time   Beyond any Time, wind and weather, that sweet little dove in the tree, is waiting for my recognition,  to see it and kind to be…   In its stance you can see clear mission: Mother NEB, of this great Universe, with big load of Love message She sent it, to […]

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There is no limit

  There Is No Limit   There is no limit of how they dance the space: be North, be East, they always win the race!   They fly straight up, no matter, West or South: they never land in smartest fox’s mouth!   They are so small! In Joy they flap sweet wings. They play […]

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They all sing a message

They All Sing A Message   They all sing a message, the trees and magpies, and the breeze, and the sunset, and all flowers and skies…   The music of spheres is the message they sing, and they all sing of Love, of God’s Love and of spring…   Open eyes, see the message. Be […]

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The Lilies of this World

  The Lilies of This World   The lilies of this world are not from here. The lilies of this world are from beyond… They overwhelm in such a divine beauty, yet bring the Heavens and the earth in bond.   The lilies of this world are not from here. With wondered eyes I cry, […]

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Hello, You wondrous Sun!

  Hello, You Wondrous Sun! Friday, March 13, 17:17   Hello, You wondrous Sun, in blinding Light, my Beautiful Christ Michael Celestial Friend, and my sweet Nebadonia, the Beautiful! How amazingly wondrous You are! Thank You for Your creations, making me happy! That wondrous lily, Father sent through my son, my glorious white orchid, the […]

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I’d love, that tiny jay

  I’d Love, That Tiny Jay   I’d love, that tiny jay invite me to dance. That tree would crack and break, but I’d wake up from trance!   I’d love to swing with jay a waltz, in the morn, and feel so blessed and loved, from the day I was born!   Tiny hat […]

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  Sabine   North Sea, February 9, 2020 . February 10, 2020 . Wangerooge, North Sea, February 10, 2020 . .

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I see Your Grace

  I See Your Grace   I see Your Grace in every tiny jay, or magpie on the roof, diving away.   The choreographer is NEB, the Mother, of this great Universe, of Christ, our Brother!   The dance so pure, in all Beauty’s might, of all these masters of the flight, in sight!   […]

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