Each tiny Jay in Joy is celebrated

  Each Tiny Jay in Joy is Celebrated!   Don’t you believe, dark is here much longer, on this so sacred planet we all play! The prison locks are broken, smashed are shackles, In Joy we celebrate each tiny jay!   Don’t think, we’re still the slaves we’ve been for ages! The Father stopped! destruction […]

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The tiny butterflies

  The Tiny Butterflies   The tiny butterflies, so sweet and tiny, don’t do too much, they just dance through the air… Then meet another, just as sweet and tiny, and they dance all around as a pair!… . . . . . .

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Kissing again

  Kissing Again   Kissing again,  fall those so lovely drops in the raining… Kissing the trees, and the pines, and all plants in my garden! Lovely, those drops, sent in Love in this Loving Creation, fulfilling Will of my Father, and Mother, and warden… . . .    

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To Mother Nebadonia

  To Mother Nebadonia   I thank you for that wondrous wonder You sent to me today, gracefully on the roof just landing, and stay, and stay, and stay…   The words are not to find on Gaia, such Beauty to express… The loveliness, the magic wonder, and Godliness, no less…   It seemed to […]

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Anew shall she be dancing

  Anew Shall She Be Dancing   Anew shall she be dancing,  beautiful planet, Free, when Children now discover, they are new-born to Be…   The Freedom Timeline here. The yoke and shackles gone. We celebrate in dancing and Joy, the Promise done.   . . . . . .

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