Stunned Watch Those Swallows


Stunned Watch Those Swallows

September 10, 2022, 16:44


Stunned watch those swallows,

in the highest delight,

my skies filling with Joy

and with Light!


Stunned, in delight,

their delight greater still,

as they bring Joy in skies,

plain to fill!


Stunned, because is September —

first of August they fly

for the far, South lands,

warm and dry,


And next May come again,

in great speed and great swarms,

full of Joy, when Sun smiles

and warms…


I do wonder, where Father

is keeping them stay,

for they show in warp speed

when I’m sad!…


Guess is their delight

fulfill Father a wish,

in the Souls of Earth

Joy to spread!




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