You Are So Ugly!

. You Are So Ugly! March 22, 2023, 11:11 . You are so ugly! How you came on Earth? Pretend be human, while you are not! One SOURCE there is, of fascinating Beauty, made fascinating Gaia Tiny Dot! . The flowers and the butterflies are ours… Why did you bring your snakes and vipers all? […]

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That Miracle, The Forgotten

. That Miracle, The Forgotten March 21, 2023, 11:11 . Is it too old? Or is it too pale? We forgot, we are all just alive? We forgot our heart beats eternal at all heights, in all depths we all dive? . Glorious Sun we all greet in the morning! Happily go to sleep in […]

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Oh, How I Wonder!

. Oh, How I Wonder! March 20, 2023, 11:11 . Oh, how I wonder!… . When that Glorious Day, Glorious Freedom Gloriously will come! . For the days go away, and the nights slip with them, and soon years are gone! . Good people walk dizzy, and bad people still more, Final Battle rages wild, […]

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. Cycles Sunday, March 19, 2023, 19:19 . Cycles switch now. Too busy kill children? Too busy drink adrenochrome? Too busy torture them, rape and murder, throw skelets under Vatican Dome? . Cycles turn now. Alone by the Father. Did you think, you’ll destroy all His Works? Did you really think, precious children of His, […]

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. Spectacularly Sunday, March 19, 2023, 19:09 . Spectacularly they lose. Now. Now. Now. In the snapping of fingers, in Grace. Forgotten have they all God’s Laws. For them shut Now all Portals, all Space. . Spectacularly tremble they, shocked and shattered. Huge mistake, to mock God Himself! For long Aeons He waited in patience. […]

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And Should This Day…

. And Should This Day… March 11, 2023, 17:17 . And should this day be the Day of Great Waters, remember, we chose it, in Time. . In our Higher Mind, Higher Heart and high wishes, determined to be Earth’s Great Shine! . We united with all Father’s Angels, Great Masters and Elohim all, . […]

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Like The World’s Going Down

. Like The World’s Going Down March 10, 2023, 19:19 . It feels like the world’s going down. Like man on this planet is lost. Like Earth Mother will soon stop her spinning, in flood, fire, storm, ice, and frost! . Bombarded are we from all Cosmos. Energy ramping up, ramping hot. Confused run, man, […]

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Just Put Tongue Against Teeth

. Just Put Tongue Against Teeth March 10, 2023, 03:10 pm . Just put tongue against teeth and shout out! See our world in the Brilliance of Truth! Weed out slave fear, find again inborn courage, our God’s Essence and true Divine root! . Know you not, we are made in His Likeness? Know you […]

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