This Universal Second

. This Universal Second March 5, 2021, 19:55 . This Universal Second we play the Trump Card. This Moment of Non-Time! Sing it, bard! . This Universal Second we decide. Enact the Age of Truth! Turn the Tide! . It’s our Time to Be. Act we well! We change the course of Life. Ring the […]

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Forgive me, please, my weakness…

. Forgive Me, Please, My Weakness… . Forgive me, please, my weakness… Promised You, be so strong. Promised You, be Your Warrior! And fought, these Eons long… . Forgive us our crying, our prayers, for so long… Enslaved and locked in prison, we, yet, tried to stay strong!… . They damaged our souls. Brutal and […]

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His Song of Joy

. His Song of Joy . His Song of Joy is now inaugurated! He wants us dance in Joy and sing and play!… He sends New Song of Joy to all Creation, for Earth and man to cherish the New Day! . Rejoice! Abundance manifests so joyful! All He creates is bountiful and plain! Huge […]

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He pours Illumination Rain

. He Pours Illumination Rain March 4, 2021, 11:55 . He pours Illumination Rain from Divine Hand. He chose New Spring to let His children flourish. Renewal is all glowing in the air, Illumination Rain He sends, us nourish… . Don’t cry…All wants for you is see you joyful! Creation started with His Joy to […]

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What a tremendous breeze!

. What A Tremendous Breeze!… March 2, 2021, 11:22 . What a tremendous breeze!… From way beyond great Cosmos! Feel magic Life in air, rolling from oceans, seas?… . What’s this tremendous power? What’s this magnetic wind? How great is this Tide, turning through planet mightly spinned? . There is a cleanse in air. All […]

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. Hurry! March 1, 2021, 23:11 . Hurry! Speak out the Truth to make it real! Hurry! The epic March has now arrived! Learn activate the 5th Dimension Eon! Let Cosmos of our Glory be surprised! . Start now! Release your voice in mighty sound! Let Thunderous Voice of Father speak through you! Just hurry! […]

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Never speaks He in vain

. Never Speaks He In Vain March 1, 2021, 22:11 . For when He speaks a word – that IS The Word. Yes, it may take many thousands of years. For His ever Eternity’ll never end. Just in our abyss Time is not… Only tears. . The Beauty He’ll give me I can never fathom. […]

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The Epic March is Starting

. The Epic March Is Starting March 1, 2021, 13:33 . The epic March is starting. Stand in Truth, and stand tall! Our Earth is now completed. FREE is the Blue Dot Ball! . Recall your inner Knowing. Remember who you are. Be ready, for great changes shall shatter sky and star! . This world […]

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. Couroucoucou!… . Couroucoucou!…My neighbour sweet is singing, waking me gently, this nice Sunday morn… Get up, he wants, get up and watch the Marvel! New Wondrous World, this morn is to be born!… . He was inspecting largest tree in garden. His kind, ringneck partner flew with him. They started gather tendrils, fine and […]

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