For You were there

  For You Were There April 29, 2020, 22:22    For You were there, long before I flew, with loving arms, all Your Angelic crew…   To gently catch me at Your chest so tight, and lullaby me after heavens flight…   A fight is Life and glorious a flight, when Your sword kept in […]

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For You Are Born A Free

  For You Are Born A Free   For you are born a free, from Beginnings! Like your Father in Heavens, on High!   In His image, a Lightfull Creation, to live joyful and never to die.   Where are you now, little human? What the monsters have done onto you? How you lost your […]

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Question Everything!

  Question Everything!   Question everything, little human. Dig for Truth, through the layers of lie. There are butchers at work, little human, who all lambs innocent want to die!   You forgot to dig deep in the morass! So docile, so kind, so brave! There is work to be done, little human, throw the […]

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It’s The Day!

  It’s The Day! April 26, 2020, 11:44   And if you open eyes, see This Day in its might! See this Day! Day of Freedom! Freedom Day! End of fight!   Nothing is – as it once was. Rub your eyes! All is new! New the Sun! New the Eon! God’s Kin free! Free […]

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Ah, no idea have you…

  Ah, No Idea Have You…   Ah, no idea have you, and never would you dream the miracle, that Father answers to our scream!   Ah, never you’ll imagine, how His eternal Love will stretch His arms, us save to His chest in worlds above!   Ah, centuries be running, and bards will play […]

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From Long A Distance

  From Long A Distance   From long a distance, you could see the purity of souls, in waving sounds, crystalline, divine music of bowls.   From long a distance, their Light, in purity vibrating, caressing was, my birth to Earth, in loving arms awaking.   What choice was that? How Father put all Angels me […]

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Gaia Portal, April 20, 2020

  Gaia Portal Message April 20, 2020     Deserets are encompassed. Florets are embraced. . Light touches are enabled. In the greatest Mission of rescuing the poor, poor stolen human children, kept by the dark in cages, underground, our Military was supported by the Forces of the Light. The Children of Light are rescued. […]

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