One   March 21, 2020, early morning It is I, Sophia. It is One. Hello. Thank you for coming forward. This time is like no other. For you. For the race of humanity. You will look back at these days and realize many things about them. Some of these you suspect, but do not […]

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I Hear From You

  I Hear From You   I hear from You, You are leaning towards us, children Thine, on this plane, lost in Space and in Time, in Your Cosmos, to bless us with new Life and new fame…   I do hear from You, to awaken, to be ready for Blessings of Thine, for the […]

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A new Light is arriving

  A New Light Is Arriving   A new Light is arriving, magic smiles the Sun. Day is clear and strange, when a new dawn is done.   A new breeze is arriving, trees are dancing in wind, air seems rarefied, with new breathing to bring.   The eyes try to decipher, nostrils seem to […]

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A mount of courage

  A Mount Of Courage   A mount of courage it takes man to even come here. All the splendors of Heaven you valiantly leave, and you go. Father gives you all Angels and helpers to hold you around, yet, yourself, in the densest of death and turmoil you throw.   O, how sweet, all […]

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Now can we see

  Now Can We See   Now can we see to how high a degree we are slaves – and accept it!   Sound asleep, hypnotised and obeying, all docile – and not get it!   Cells they built, all around each other, enemies, brothers, kept away from the father…   Father kept at safe […]

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Learn Victory!

  Learn Victory!   Learn Victory! And learn to shout again! Learn burst our chest and sound our voice in Space! Learn Victory! For we forgot to be the sovereign, most wondrous Sons of Grace!   Learn Victory! Reverberate to stars! Great moment came right now: we’re all set Free! Our Final Victory is here […]

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  Excalibur March 25, 2020, 11:22   Excalibur slashes the dark construct Null, Now. Betrayal of the Love of God, to ash. The Sword of Light, in one fell swoop, revives God’s Cosmic Order, birthing new and fresh!   New, is mankind breathing, all at once! Our hearts are growing wings in Now, and fly! Dark ages take […]

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