March 21, 2020, early morning

It is I, Sophia. It is One.

Hello. Thank you for coming forward.

This time is like no other. For you. For the race of humanity.

You will look back at these days and realize many things about them. Some of these you suspect, but do not know for sure. Others of these you have no idea or thought about.

It is these things that I’ll share with you now.

You are aware that more goes on here. The hard control is as much for your safety as it is for the success of removal operations.

This process, which occurs behind the scenes, is massive.

As the people watch their media outlets, their police and military sweep in.

There are few questions because under the cover of emergency medical action it occurs. Not too many of you are in the streets recording.

Oh, there are some. Yet even those are not completely aware what it is they are witnessing.

Many are expecting mass arrests and trials.

What will occur is a rounding up as well as a public accounting of the reasons for this.

This announcement will come simultaneously, from heads of state. You do not know the massive numbers already held.

What some have been forced to do, is to publish face saving announcements. As you see these, be aware that some deals have been struck.

The thing I want to bring to the surface and absolutely is the reason for secrecy.

These, for the most part, are humans who themselves bought a story and continued a lifestyle willingly.

The lifestyle included actual physical horror.

I became overwhelmed with the energy of this at this moment. I was unable to continue. 

“I think I must go. I am overcome with a need to sleep.”

Yes. Go ahead Sophia.

I returned to sleep for only moments. It became clear to me that the reason I had to stop is that I was not emotionally ready to hear what One was sending. It took a few more nights of early wake ups and my own refusals to connect, before I finally did. 


March 25, 2020

I was woken up at 2:28 AM.

“Is there someone who wants to connect?”

It is I, Sophia. It is One.

Hello. Thank you for coming forward.

Things are moving so rapidly now. It is as if they are rolling down a very steep hill.

Indeed, there is a force, an accelerating force, pushing life on earth quickly towards its inevitable conclusion. Humanity is the energy behind that force.

Humanity wants this to be over.

In fact, humans have not stepped back and are no longer waiting. Humans are rolling up their collective sleeves.

There are still some paying “lip service” to “an idea” of necessary change only; but these are young. They have been the most stunned, for it is their future thrown “under the bus”. The bus called the “Chinese virus”.

Called by that name for now. The name won’t always be necessary. For now, it is an important step, leading you to more truth. There are truths that must be told and will be. All with perfect timing.

I come to you today to put forth new ideas. These things are not thoughts you want to consider.

They are unpleasant.

The truth of what happened here must be told. It must be told now.

In this time of collective human focus, an understanding must be reached. It is that realization and comprehension of truth that further propels the race to self-healing. It is then that your world is rebuilt.

You are in a phase of shock at this point, and asking questions. Initial truths are being trickled out into the conversation. They are not complete and do not introduce the true horror of what has occurred here. It remains hidden now.

The explanation is not simple. Nor is it black and white. The activities are clearly destructive and de-humanizing in every way.

The activities were constructed, invented if you will, by a race not human.
“Taught” to humans with promises of eternal youth and power, these things became addictions.

Addictions physically. Addictions emotionally. Addictions mentally.

These things involve the tasting of human flesh; the drinking of human blood.

It is not just this, Sophia. For this is not news for you. There are deep occult reasons for the practices. These date back to your earliest written history.

The blood of the pure has been sought after always for its potency. “Pure” here refers to unscathed with man’s baser emotions. These emotions arise in the human at puberty – just before. Strongest in children below the age of 8 years.
It is felt that the grade or level of purity has an actual ideal moment in terms of awareness. This would be young, very young, but aware enough to experience and project a building up of fear. For fear is the element producing the alchemical response necessary for longevity, and the “high” received.

This idea of ingesting very young humans was invented by humans.

Having begun with sacrificial offerings to the non-human “gods”, an idea formed.

This idea was a repetition of the process of sacrifice and cannibalism to lengthen their own life, and infuse themselves with a power elixir. Children were easier and the flesh more tender.

There is a time in your history, the history of mankind, when it was not understood the value and the perfection of children. They were viewed as burdens; miniature adults who had to be fed and didn’t produce much.

This atmosphere around human children and their worth was the spirit in which using them as a “fountain of youth” developed.

At first it was the youngest who were sought, killed and ingested. You’ve read the stories of the first-born and the slaughter of such.

Quickly, they ran out of babies.

As the practice of using smaller children became necessary, something was noticed. Although the flesh may have been not quite as tender, there was something alchemical happening once ingested.

It was not at first clear what this was, or even that it was found in the blood of these children.

With time and observation, the connection was made between fear and potency. Experiments began:

How much fear was optimal?

Was there such a thing as too much fear?

Torture games began here. They were almost as addictive as the drug itself, causing a unique thrill of the awful.

These games were enjoyed by the lizard race and encouraged.

Rituals around these developed and grew in purpose and diversity.

Sadistic and cruel, a whole subset of the race practice this eating of and torturing of each other – all for self.

It was necessary to hide the practice always. The element of surprise added to the potency of the drug.

The drug, as well as the ritual to get it, were and are powerfully addictive.

A line of humanity was drawn at some point in your history. There were those who willing abused, tortured, slaughtered and ate each other. There were those who cherished, served and loved each other.

Polarity deepened and the divide widened.

Now, the lizards stepped back a bit and man himself conducted rituals to serve himself – all in the name of the one Satan.

The story is confused for its players and diversions, but told here in a general sense. It is told here so that you will grasp the breadth of what happens now on this planet and to this race.

Humanity itself splits once more. Those addicted to the ingestion of flesh and young terrified blood, see the world one way. This path is what has been labeled “service to self”. It is far beyond being selfish or even greedy that puts you on this path.

There is another path, AND IT IS THE MAJORITY, that loves its fellow man and holds compassion for him. These are not only star seeds, lightworkers, light warriors, angels and whistle-blowers or truth seekers.

These are humans. The majority of them are unaware of these horrific crimes routinely committed, and will be deeply wounded when they are exposed.

This is the next shock to hit the race. It is one that those of you who came to help – can assist with in a real way.

Some of the details and players and programs conducting them will be shocking for all of you.

What you can do, those of you with knowledge ahead of time about the activities themselves, is flood your world with love, light, healing energy and compassion.

The decisions made in these upcoming moments will once more color the race and flavor it, if you will. It is important that cruelty be seen for what it is and not used as a revenge weapon.

The humans perpetrating all of these crimes against humanity travel their own path. Karma takes care of its own.

Where you head next is a ray in which karma no longer produces such dire divisions and destructive actions. The end, for most of humanity on this path, is filled with light.

No more dark places.

That is all for today, Sophia.

Thank you.


Goodbye, my chosen one.

It was 3:55 AM when this ended. It took such a long time because of my reaction, the visuals and comprehensions, and the shaking.

This is shared now because there is to be a disclosure of many awful things and soon. Knowing ahead of time will fortify you and enable you to help others. You have time now to grasp and process this before the rest of the world gets the details. I am so very sorry that this has happened here. It ends now.



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