I hope that day…

. I Hope That Day… November 21, 2021, 21:21 . And when, one day, turmoil on Earth be done and finished, when all in rags, exhausted, perceive the Mighty Call resounding from Heavens, like harpsichords all trembling, our hearts in tremor touching, and Earth, our Blue Ball… . When that amazing sound, an avalanche of […]

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easy they murder us!

. Easy They Murder Us! November 16, 2021, 15:15 . Easy they murder us! Like none of us bother! “Chattle” they call us! We, like cattle go to slaughter! . They call us “useless eaters”. And we eat all they say!!! Even baby cadavers mc’donalds puts on trey… . Oh! Did I turn your stomach? […]

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Look at us!

. Look At Us! November 16, 2021, 11:11 . Look at us, trembling in this cage for Aeons! Imprisoned on this planet so pristine! From our brothers cut and isolated, from Father’s worlds Divine, from Father’s Kin! . Look at us, muzzled up and heads all hanging! The breathing air, even, stole from us. Our […]

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Aton: Message to the world

. ATON: Message To The World Sunday, November 14, 2021, 00:11 . ATON: MESSAGE TO THE WORLD, NOVEMBER 5, 2021   I AM THAT I AM. I AM CREATOR GOD ATON OF LIGHT, CREATOR GOD OF THIS NEBADON UNIVERSE My greetings to all ones upon Mother Earth.  I am your Creator and the Creator of this […]

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The Battles are over!!!

. The Battles Are Over!!! November 11, 2021, 15:55 . The battles are over!!! A time to behold! The air all trembles, this moment to hold… . The battles are over!!! Imagine… Just think, the cruelty, horror, all worlds on the brink… . The battles are finished!!! How many an Age, of all enslaved humans, […]

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Rise, Rise, Rise!…

. Rise, Rise, Rise!… November 11, 2021, 11:44 . Rise, Rise, Rise!…take your courage and leap in Quantum! Rise, Rise, Rise!…Do embody the Who You Are! Masters, Luminaries, all came to save Earth, from far deep space and every Christed Star… . Take a big salto! Hands all joined, brighten all Universe your Light! Sound […]

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. LIBERATION! November 11, 2021, 11:11 . We come this Day and join all as One. Eleven Eleven is The Liberation! All 12 Constellations celebrate Freedom now, united all as One in Free Unification! . You maybe further go and do your errands. You maybe further brumble through the world… You notice not, all Universe […]

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