Watch these words

  Watch These Words   Watch these words, they are not from your denseness. Words I give you to take in your heart. Watch these words, I give you through My prophets, or a singer, a dancer, a bard.   Is My Truth I send you, to remember. Pain on Earth will be gone with […]

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  One Sophia Love July 22, 2020 3:30 am   It is I, Sophia. It is One. — Hello. Thank you for coming forward. Yes, Sophia. There are many subjects to consider. Of primary interest today is the taking over of your cities by your military. This should be mentioned as it is troubling and […]

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Healthy News

  Healthy News   Over this last week President Donald Trump did the following, but you probably won’t hear about it in the News – he’s changing the world Wednesday, 29-Jul-2020 1. Made vaccines voluntary, not mandatory. Military will check purity and distribute vaccines 2. Defunded WHO forever and wants an investigation into its […]

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Precious, the Liberty Message

  Precious, The Liberty Message   Precious, the Liberty Message you’ll find. Over ages you’ll wonder again. For not ever were Heavens all coming, den of snakes to burn out and drain…   An announcement will shock all Creation. Such the Spirit of Truth will explode! All the bards and all singers, in wonder, trembling […]

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Just watch Gaia

  Just Watch Gaia July 28, 2020, 23:11   Just watch Gaia culminated today her Ascension. In leaps and in bounds the children of God follow her. No monster accepts Golden Era has started this hour, busy to kill Father’s children and fear to stir…   Yet the Trumpeter knows, and he written it down […]

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You’ll need new ears

  You’ll Need New Ears   You’ll need new ears, to hear Liberation’s Great Song, God, the Thunderous, sounds in a massive thump gong!   Avalanches are falling! Floods are wiping the old! You’ll need eyes, see renewal of thick darkness to Gold!   For the world is a newest. Tidings melt shores away! Only […]

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For the Great Liberation

  For the Great Liberation   For the Great Liberation in full force comes at once! So wake early this morning, drop your dreams, drop your trance!   For the Great Liberation was an eons long fight! All of us came, and dying, came again from the Light!   In all Cosmos resounds Liberation of […]

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Lo, the signal so tiny!

  Lo, The Signal So Tiny!   Lo, the signal so tiny! Lo, the Angel just left. So, that’s why need keep standing woke all night, fight the theft!   In full force she’s ascending! All God’s children on board! Home we go, on strings silver, Home on Gold shiny Cord! . . Carrington Event […]

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Father sent me a signal

  Father Sent Me A Signal   Father sent me a signal, Father sent me a message, that no man can unlock, or be read in a meterage.   Just in His little finger all Creation He holds, in magnificent wonders, fascinating great worlds…   Our Gaia’s ascending. Children, we leap at once! Didn’t His […]

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