Blossom of 28th April, 2019

Blossom of 28th April, 2019 by Blossom Goodchild | The Federation of Light   .   Hello. Back from holding my Bali retreat, in which we Brightened ourselves and the Planet enormously. Thank you to you for ‘popping in’ and sharing your knowledge and energetic activations. We were most delighted to do so. Are you feeling like you […]

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You Have Forgotten

  You Have Forgotten   You have forgotten that there is a Father! A Lord and Master of all Life and Be! A powerful Creator in the Highest, and now you come to say you didn’t see?   You have ignored the Father of all Cosmos, of all Grand Universe without end! Your Being self, […]

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The useful idiots

  The Useful Idiots April 26, 2019, 11:11   The “useful idiot” is not so useful, when he discovers he’s the Child of God! Beware all of us, “idiots useful”, we stand up front, strong refuse to be trod!   Ja, ja…we know our DNA you’ve doctored, constricting rings you’ve quenched in our spine! Beware […]

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Vladivostok Peace Summit

  Vladivostok Peace Summit April 25, 2019   Kim Jong-un will visit Russia & meet Putin . © Ruptly . 25 Apr, 2019  Vladimir Putin and Kim Jong Un shake hands during their meeting in Vladivostok © RIA Novosti / Valery Melnikov . ©  Sputnik/Valery Sharifulin . . . ©  Sputnik/Alexei Nikolsky/Kremlin via REUTERS . Kim Jong […]

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In The Name of Divine LOVE

  In The Name of Divine LOVE April 25, 2019, 11:11 . In the name of Divine Love In the name of Cosmic Love In the name of Universal Love In the name of Galactic Love In the name of Planetary Love I declare today, April 25, 2019, 11:11, Gaia Time, across all Times and […]

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Glory Be

  Glory Be April 24, 2019, 12:12   Glory Be to my Father Almighty for the Fulfillment of His Plan for Salvation!   YES. YES. YES. . . .

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I Tell You

  I Tell You   I tell you, today we were risen.   In God’s loving arms we held tight.   Tomorrow all Cosmos will know it.   Divine Act, of Father, in Light! . . .

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We Are finally Home

  We Are Finally HOME   In His arms are we resting. Today we reached the shores. From far away are coming, through eons legend, lore…   Unending was our journey. The sacrifice untold. Many are we, God’s children, killed first, then learned be bold.   Today we’re finally HOME. In His Arms, at His […]

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