You Have Forgotten


You Have Forgotten


You have forgotten that there is a Father!

A Lord and Master of all Life and Be!

A powerful Creator in the Highest,

and now you come to say you didn’t see?


You have ignored the Father of all Cosmos,

of all Grand Universe without end!

Your Being self, your breath, your eyes, your heartbeat,

you sure didn’t notice this, my friend?


There is a Will set, of Divine Proportions.

There are deeds masterful at work!

Supreme and mighty laws hold all together,

far and beyond your little brains of Bork!


You were deceiving God, the Great Creator.

An outlaw of Divine Rules you are.

You were destroying marvels of His doing,

with your disgusting ways, attacks and war!


What can you tell Him now, for your forgiveness?

How can you ever justify your deeds?

The bells of your Dark Age are growing lauder,

as you despair like wrong-doing kids!


Million lives you’ll need for your atonement.

Just as in millions you murdered us.

Your innocence you’ll never manage proving,

for Earth was witness, every blade of grass!


You were allowed, yes, to show your darkness.

Now are Creator’s Cosmic Cycles done.

Dissolved are you, and rendered null and void!

Madness is not of God. Your black goo gone…







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