La Luna

  La Luna   l E T 17 An INCREDIBLE “White Rabbit” find. * Just wow! vDarkness Falls 4 April The ORIGIN of the Chinese White Rabbit & Adrenochrome. JFK intertwined “Follow the white rabbit” THAT, he was. Stories about the Chinese moon rabbit date as far back as the Warring States period (about 475-221 […]

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El Sol

  El Sol   13 July, 2020 . Jupiter Sun-Earth Alignment on July 14, 2020 In an alternative view, these three circles may represent the two alignments above, involving the Sun and the two most massive planets in the solar system, in coming days, from 14 to 20 July, generating a lot of seismic energy […]

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Arcturians & Elohim

  Arcturians & Elohim   Ancient Greek god Hermes . Dreams and Messages From the Arcturians and Elohim channeled by Amora . The Arcturians brought images to me this morning (June 26th) as I was awakening in bed and in that theta-wave state. I was aware the visions were directed by them as this is […]

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Summer Solstice & Solar Eclipse

  Summer Solstice & Sollar Eclipse June 21, 2020   schrödingersothercat,com . July 10, 2020 Currently, the sun is consistently firing off the strongest solar flares we have experienced, which science measures as X class flares, falling into the category of the most intense levels of solar explosions. In less than two weeks the sun […]

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Sun Celebrates

Sun Celebrates May 3, 2020   Gina Maria Colvin Hill May 3, 2020. *A ship coming out of a “diamond” opening on the sun. . Gina Maria Colvin Hill May 5, 2020 That’s no planet! It is a BIG Ship!  . schrö . schrö . Gina Maria Colvin Hill 12 May, 2020 *These aren’t normal […]

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American Law Day

  May 1st, 2020 Law Day United States of America   May 1, 2020 – Law Day U.S.A. . #TheGreatAwakening . Vincent Kennedy May 4, 2020. . 10 May, 2020 . . . .  

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  HATJ February 6, 2020   Terran Cognito “…This ‘storm’ is a build up of events and as each one ‘becomes exposed’ the bigger the uproar which leads to ‘the final straw’…” “the final straw”…LOL…historically speaking, perhaps from some vantage points, it appeared that way… NOW, CHOICES MADE AND ACTIONS DONE, ARE CHOSEN AND DONE […]

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  Bats   Bats Tornado over Australia Ingham, Australia, February 11, 2020 / gettyimages / John Carnemolla . . .

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  Locusts   Kenya, January 22, 2020 Locusts swarm from ground vegetation at Lerata village, near Archers Post in Samburu County, Nairobi, Kenya, on Jan. 22. Photo: Tony Karumba/AFP via Getty Images . India, Pakistan should brace for ‘twin invasion’ of locusts from Horn of Africa & Iran, UN warns 11 Feb, 2020  A swarm […]

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