Yes, that feel of Completion!

. Yes, That Feel Of Completion! December 30, 2020, 11:44 . Yes, in fullness, that feel of Completion manifests in full force, in the Quants, we all jumped in a Higher Dimension, as The Radiant One His Kin wants! . Till her nucleus, our Earth elevated! In our innerst, our souls all blessed! By a […]

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Told You for Eons

. Told You For Eons December 27, 2020, 11:44 . Told You ever, for Eons, that our sufferance too long, and too deep, and too monstrous, and grave, . That your children, we fought, and we struggled and stood, many millions of heroes and brave… . I was calling for Eons, that the damage so […]

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Illumination Rain

. ILLUMINATION RAIN December 20, 2020, 12:00 . There is a Rain, it’s called Illumination, from beyond clouds, from the Heights above… A Rain that fills the Earth with Truth from Heavens, an avalanche, tsunami, flood of Love! . It’s Grand Awakening; from eons sleeping, at once you see yourself in wondrous robe. A robe […]

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God’s Messenger

. God’s Messenger . We are mid in the winter, and the cold’s sharp and pricking, birds and squirrels sleep tight in their nest; . But today Sun is shining, nature’s music is rhyming , and to me seems the year’s day best! . Yet, which butterfly wanders, in the middle of winter, knocking gently […]

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For the Healing of Earth

. For The Healing Of Earth . For the Healing of Earth is an Order Divine of the Author of Plan for Salvation! . It is not a vaccine nor a dirty dark scheme, but the Mighty Divine Liberation! . Can not count, nor measure, tiny mind of mortals, the magnificence of this Order Divine, […]

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There are many Wonders!

. There Are Many Wonders! . There are many Wonders to act on this planet! Wake up! That is why you came for! To extend Love and Goodness! To heal Earth and your brothers! And to Freedom to open the door! . Let me tell you the Truth, open ears and listen, you are Father’s […]

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Joy of One Life

. Joy of One Life . I’d say…Joy of one life is that magic a moment, Your child finds You as The One. . When he sees, all the Being breathes One Light Divine, and Harmonics by Thy hand are done… . I can’t see, on this Earth, words to use, means to write, such […]

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