Joy of One Life


Joy of One Life


I’d say…Joy of one life

is that magic a moment,

Your child finds You as The One.


When he sees, all the Being

breathes One Light Divine,

and Harmonics by Thy hand are done…


I can’t see, on this Earth,

words to use, means to write,

such magnificence well to describe.


For the words not yet born.

The New Earth steps but now,

in her marvelous robe of a bride!


All the nature is singing!

All the flowers are ringing!

And the butterflies hover in space,


For in that magic moment,

all remembrance exploding,

of a wondrous Divine Heart and Grace…


Your child dances in wonder,

all his Joy overwhelming,

for the Heavens tell him of Rebirth,


That is that magic moment,

of remembering Father,

for which moment no words are on Earth!




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