Victory Day

  Victory Day May 8/9, 1945   Berlin 1945 . . . But how many know the number of Soviet citizens –civilians and soldiers– killed in ‘The Great Patriotic War’?  27 million. That’s right, 27 MILLION. Woman weeping on the ruins of her native village burnt by the Nazis in the second world war . […]

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  Boom!   Supermassive black hole causes biggest cosmic explosion in recorded history, leaving dent that could fit 15 Milky Way galaxies 28 Feb, 2020  © Chandra: NASA . . . . . . . Get ready for pink and purple skies, a SHIFT precursor, . Cosmic Awareness is the Force of Consciousness that […]

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Today New Light is Shining!

  Today New Light Is Shining! January 1st, 2020, 11:22   Today New Light is shining! The Sun is laughter, all. His joyful face, He turned it, On Tiny-Dot-Gaia Ball!   Make no mistake! Our planet now bathes in Love and Joy! No hidden plot is working! Undone all darkness ploy!   For Light is […]

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  Pyramids   December 24, 2019 . . . . The Great Sphinx of Giza and the Pyramid of Khafre. ©Fabian von Poser . Panoramic view of the Sphinx and the Great Pyramid of Giza, 2010 . Great Sphinx of Giza . . Cut from the bedrock, it measures 73 m (240 ft) long from paw to […]

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Gaia’s Song

  Gaia’s Song Earth’s magnetic song recorded for the first time during a Solar Storm 18 November 2019   In this image, Earth is the dot to the left of the image and the large arc around it is our planet’s magnetic bow shock. The swirling pattern to the right is the foreshock […]

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The Big Flash

  The Big Flash, October 22, 2019 . . . William Bryson‏ 23. Okt. 2019 . Oh, most important… Remember: If the sky goes PINK for some time, and it happens over two days, The SHIFT is imminent. schrö . . Spaceship could surf supernovas across universe at nearly LIGHT-SPEED, Harvard study proposes […]

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Xi & Modi

  Xi & Modi   China & India aren’t best friends – but agreed strategic adjustment might prevent WAR between Asian superpowers 12 Oct, 2019  Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Chinese President Xi Jinping pose for a picture at Krishna’s Butterball in Mamallapuram, India on October 11, 2019. ©  AFP / PIB / Handout […]

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