Look for the words?


Look For The Words?

July 19, 2021, 15:15


Look for the words on Earth,

to ever express marvel

of one sweet butterfly,

on its mystery travel?


Its travel in high realms,

its travels on deep worlds,

its mesmerizing travels,

dancing among rose thorns?


Don’t you know, our planet,

is just blessed by a hue

of a butterfly, dancing

on sparkling morning dew?


Don’t you know, wondrous lion,

and all his wondrous cat,

nine lives they have, but dancing

butterfly, twelve on set?


There are no words express it!

Enchanted will you melt,

looking for words, to chant it,

beyond Galactic Belt!


For what you love, Creator

for eons loved, before…

While you, lost in wonder,

butterfly watch some more…




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