Can you imagine yourself free again?


Can You Imagine Yourself Free Again?

July 20, 2021, 13:00


Can you imagine yourself Free again?

Dance again, like in flight, with no burden?

With that dark, monstrous yoke from your neck, dropped to dust?

On your face, for all ages, by dark monstrous boots never trodden?


You still keep in your heart that serene, Divine childish brightness,

to just laugh, laugh in torrents of summer Light happiness power?

Kiss your trees, brace all world in your torrents of childish laughter?

Embrace mom, dad and child, brothers, birds, butterflies and each flower?…


Wake up now, to great wonders and marvels of your New Born Freedom!

High, High up, there is ONE loving you in eternal, no end.

Do, know now, that none other’s loving you with such passion!

In His Infinite Love, He’s your Father and your most cherished Friend!




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