For whom are bells ringing?


For Whom Are Bells Ringing?

July 21, 2021, 11:11


In what fury you kill God’s Creation!

Are you losing amassed stolen gold?

You discover the God’s children coming,

to take back what is His, but you hold?


In what hurry you push lambs to slaughter!

Shamelessly force them all take your jab!

To kill all, you concocted the poison,

with your killing machines in your lab!


Such a fury, to kill God’s Creation!

Such a hurry, to murder His lambs!

Watch out! For His Spirit of Truth thunders!

Blitz, shock, shaking and quakes it all says!


For whom are the bells, sirens ringing?

Steal God’s wondrous Creation your own?

Watch out! Your betrayal shouts Justice!

Pulverized you’ll be all, and full blown.




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