Truth Portals are large open

. Truth Portals Are Large Open Sunday, April 10, 2022, 15:55 . The Portals to Truth are large open. The Spirit of Truth Lightning glows! The Avalanche can no longer be halted. Great Central Sun mightly blows! . Who’ll hear Divine snapping fingers? Who’s most courageous on Earth? Who, with one fell swoop, his Light […]

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Ending Times

. Ending Times Wednesday, April 6, 2022, 22:22 . The Ending Times approach. World hangs up side down. Each role playing lost sense. Each role seems of a clown… . You also feel suspended? Like a pendulum swing? Like the planet uplifted in free fall, by a string? . You also lost your mind, in […]

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Shout to the Stars!

. Shout To The Stars! March 31, 2022, 10:44 . Shout to the Stars His Glory, today! . His Gaia reached the Highest, to stay! . Never ever start fight your Creator! . When you are a small alligator! . To dust has dissolved pump and dumbness! . Too late, to see now gross your […]

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Such a divine proportion

. Such A Divine Proportion March 31, 2022, 9:36 . Such a Divine proportion, this Marvel! There are no words! . The Sphere Music thunders with lightning Chords! . Think not, your world of darkness still is! . He snapped His fingers! His Creation, will freeze! . You will all dissipate in thin air, at […]

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It’s True, He has the number

. It’s True, He Has The Number Sunday, March 20, 2022, 23:23 . It’s true, He has the number. He is the One Creator! You stole and use His numbers? That’s the work of a traitor. . Infinite are His Marvels. Eternity is His. You miss the point, when hatred in cold blood release. . […]

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. 9…3…6 Wednesday, March 9, 2022 09:36 . We greet you in Love, dear Tesla! Trying to see through your Visions… Magnitude of your words grasp, from this hologram of Illusions… . This great little Planet of Wonders awakens from her darkened sleep… Let the Knowing in Hearts of all children awake, and for Ages […]

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I will expunge you

. I Will Expunge You February 17, 2022, 19:19 . I will expunge you with the Tool of Love. I’ll pour on you His ocean full of wonders. You’ll drop your skin from your skeleton. In thin air will dissipate your serpent colours… . I’ll point my Ankh on you and shout: Out! I will […]

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You maybe think

. You Maybe Think Sunday, February 13, 2022, 16:04 . You maybe think that you’ll come back tomorrow. But you will not. This Prison World is done. The oceans all of lies, deceit and sorrow dissipate all, on cosmic winds all gone… . Feel yourself lost?…This is the day of leaving. This wondrous world you’ll […]

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