For whom are bells ringing?

. For Whom Are Bells Ringing? July 21, 2021, 11:11 . In what fury you kill God’s Creation! Are you losing amassed stolen gold? You discover the God’s children coming, to take back what is His, but you hold? . In what hurry you push lambs to slaughter! Shamelessly force them all take your jab! […]

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I’ll be shaking you

. I’ll Be Shaking You June 30, 2021, 19:19 . I’ll be shaking you mightly! I’ll be shaking you strong, till you’ll wake up to seeing, you’re a slave in tight bond! . I will splash you in ocean, and I’ll burn you with flame, till the Truth you’ll be seeing, and the monster dark […]

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Since day so bright

. Since Day So Bright Friday, June 11, 2021, 11:11 . Since day so bright, and Sun kisses the Kingdom, I’ll baptise Freedom’s Day! I’ll salute Day of Freedom! . Stand tall in high conscience, you, brave of this Earth! Your courageous devotion gifted us New Rebirth! . It took eons of struggle. It took […]

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This is the count down

  This Is The Count Down May 22, 2020   This is the count down of the last count down. Gordian Knot is dismantled. Man got rid of mad clown.   In thirteen days it’s over. Get up early, to be. Universals, Galactics, stretch the hands to get thee.   But above all, it’s Father. […]

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With the Heart of the Earth

  With The Heart Of The Earth   With the heart of the Earth am I feeling. With the Heart of the Earth in a bond. When I cry all day long and feel sadness, feel like fish dyeing all in their pond…   There are thousands of thousands of children, in the bowels of […]

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Have you but heard

  Have You But Heard   Have you but heard, in the long course of ages, of Divine State of Life, in the heart   of Creation, that Father has bestowed on His children, as immutable law for the Earth?   Have you looked in the marvels of this wondrous Creation, as to grok – […]

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March For Life

  47th March For Life In the presence of Donald J Trump, the President of the United States of America National Mall, Washington DC January 24, 2020   GEORGE  🇺🇸‏ @TheCollectiveQ January 24, 2020 Glory, Glory, Hallelujah… . ‏March_for_Life, January 24, 2020 Good morning marchers! Who’s ready to #MarchForLife??? . GEORGE  🇺🇸‏ @TheCollectiveQ 25. January, 2020 “When we […]

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