Say “No”!!!


Say “NO”!!!

March 7, 2023, 03:07 pm


I want now to teach you say “NO”!

In your Occidental side of this Earth,

you are my wondrous American Brothers,

descended to bring New Rebirth!


How long do you need learn say “NO”?

Choreography flows like the water:

Splash! You shock monsters in swamp with a blitz,

and it’s Pure as meant by the Father!


No, you’re not different than East, North, South brothers.

They just aimed evil all on your land…

After WorldWar1, WorldWar2 kill and maiming,

decimate you, till no one will stand!


Hope you see how your genders destroyed.

They have put mind-blinders on your brain.

Vaccinate all your infants to monsters,

since they’re born… then to war to get slain!


I am roaring from over the Ocean!

The great Bear from the East is in rage!

Stand you tall and say “NO”! to the monsters,

in this Last Battle for our Golden Age!


Realise, is their Impotent Tantrum!

Realise, we are all Sons of God!

Shout “NO”! to these Clown Theatrics!

Slash your Sword! Ignite Fiery God’s Rod!!!




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