Just Put Tongue Against Teeth


Just Put Tongue Against Teeth

March 10, 2023, 03:10 pm


Just put tongue against teeth and shout out!

See our world in the Brilliance of Truth!

Weed out slave fear, find again inborn courage,

our God’s Essence and true Divine root!


Know you not, we are made in His Likeness?

Know you not, we sent here to Win?

Indestructible in our Hearts is His Fire!

Victors are we, before we begin!


Uncreated He has darkened Aeons.

What is His only’ll keep Fiery Flame!

His Divine Light transmutes cells and atoms!

In One Moment — we won’t be the same!


Just put tongue against teeth and spit out!

Strongly “NO”! — slavers, raptors, dark all!

“NO”! spit, full force, to invaders and robbers,

BE the Victors on Earth, our Blue Ball!!!




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