Like The World’s Going Down


Like The World’s Going Down

March 10, 2023, 19:19


It feels like the world’s going down.

Like man on this planet is lost.

Like Earth Mother will soon stop her spinning,

in flood, fire, storm, ice, and frost!


Bombarded are we from all Cosmos.

Energy ramping up, ramping hot.

Confused run, man, woman, around…

No child would find a safe spot!


Tornadoes kill us from computers.

Earthquakes hit, as horrid revenge.

At once, all the trains are derailing,

force farms lovely livestock to change…


To change, to grow worms and grow locusts!

To force all mankind eat bugs!

What morbid a smell stinks the air,

in this most lovely world — full of thugs!


Rivers, daily, successfully poisoned.

Chicks and cows vaccinated to die…

Our children come home with new gender,

chemtrails kill Sunlight in our sky…


Soon we’ll starve, grocery stores growing empty…

Prices jump to unfathomable heights.

Yet the tanks, and the shells, and the bullets,

tons and tons, feed the war-machine brights…


The word ‘normal’ is lost from our language.

None still knows, what word ‘sane’ does it mean!

We now f*ck, f*cking, sh*t, and horse manure,

speak like mad, madder never have been…


There are bunkers, for rich and for famous!

There is plenty of food, tightly hid!

But the children of God, good, hard working,

lynched and murdered, drop dead at great speed!


We, The Trodden, call now onto Heavens:

Restore Divine Karma in force!

Activate Divine Justice in fullness!

Turn the Tide to Divine Rightful Course!!!




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