And Should This Day…


And Should This Day…

March 11, 2023, 17:17


And should this day

be the Day of Great Waters,

remember, we chose it, in Time.


In our Higher Mind,

Higher Heart and high wishes,

determined to be Earth’s Great Shine!


We united with

all Father’s Angels,

Great Masters and Elohim all,


And decided

this Day be the Great One,

when Waters of Oceans will roll…


All the Knowing

is in our High Mind,

it is just body flesh does not know,


But The Highest,

and His Great Archangels,

Central Great Sun ignite, with Huge Blow!


In that moment

Earth drops from her Axis.

Magnetic Poles switch in full force!


Earth is leaping

in her 6th Dimension,

of High Frequency New Free Course!…


Miles high

lift the Oceans the Waters!

Three millennia they will cleanse the Earth,


Of unfathomable

pain and sufferance,

children His paid for our Rebirth…


New Jerusalem

floats by Venus.

God of Light, ATON, Creator of Earth


Saves us all

in High Light we belong to,

in Magnificent Joy of Rebirth!!!




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