De facto — De jure

  De facto — De Jure January 7, 2020   From De Facto To De Jure by Speak Project | Jan 6, 2020 | Constitutional Law, Constitutional Rights, Lawful America De Fac·to   /ˌdā ˈfaktō/ adverb in fact, or in effect, whether by right or not. Similar: in practice, in effect, in fact, in reality, […]

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Joy of Victory

  Joy Of Victory   Joy of Victory, thunder, deafening blitz, comes but once! Do not sleep! Do not miss it! Get up quick from your trance!   For the Portals are open! Cosmic Gates wait for you! Spread your wings, and in full force, fly the limits all through! . . .

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Do Not Miss Cosmic Cycles!

  Do Not Miss Cosmic Cycles!   Do not miss Cosmic Cycles! Be alert, be awake! Manifest your strong presence these Last Times, with a quake!   We are all Father’s Army. All determined to Win! It is we, Father’s Army, who Stand Strong for His Kin!   Cosmic Cycles are closing. Shout the Victory […]

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How many Light-Years?

  How many Light-Years?   How many Light-Years? Of eons, how long, have we all worked this Quantum impact, mightily strong?   In this short night it happened! Of Non-Time a short spot! We, The People of God, the small ones, the big lot!   On the mountains we climbed! All the stars have we […]

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L’Enfant Terrible

  L’Enfant Terrible Boris Johnson wins elections in Great Britain December 12, 2019   September 4, 2019, 21 Party members betray Johnson: majority lost! Johnson debating for Brexit . Released ‘Operation Yellowhammer’ docs suggest delays & rising prices in ‘worst case’ no-deal Brexit 12 Sep, 2019 ©  Reuters / Phil Noble . Boris Johnson, Freitag, […]

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Easter Island

  Easter Island   ‘Temples to colonial theft’: Western museums should return looted artifacts to where they belong 28 Nov, 2018  Moai statues, Easter Island © Reuters / Carlos Barria . Easter Island people want return of their sacred statue, stolen by imperial Brits 9 Aug, 2018  Moai sculpture from Easter Island in the British […]

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  Kim   Kim Jong-un of North Korea, on a white horse on Holy Mountain Paektu , October 17, 2019 Kim Jong-un, on a white horse on the Holy Mountain Paektu, North Korea, KCNA, Reuters . Visits on Paektu Holy Mountain often message big decisions . KCNA, Reuters . December 4, 2019, Kim and his […]

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