Oh, do come, our Lords!

. Oh, Do Come, Our Lords! April 27, 2022, 22:22 . Oh, do come, our Lords, our Higher Selves all, in this misery state we all cry, . Dissolve spider wires, devour foggy grid, bring New Life through beautiful sky! . Do come, Godly Masters, you Warriors of Light, dissolve all this mockery strife, . […]

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Have you been ever enchanted?

. Have You Been Ever Enchanted? Easter Monday, April 18, 2022, 17:17 . Have you been ever enchanted by those masterful Wonders of Spring, when all Earth bursts at once into blossoms, and all birds in the woods mightly sing? . Have but once, lift your sight to the Heavens, see blue glorious sky all […]

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For the time came

. For The Time Came Sunday, April 10, 2022, 16:44 . For the Time came to shake and to shatter! The Time came to shock all of Earth! Let Earth quakes restore Divine Order, explode Suns ignite New Rebirth! . We were lulled into sleep by the monsters. Hypnotized, our children feel lost! Let the […]

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Truth Portals are large open

. Truth Portals Are Large Open Sunday, April 10, 2022, 15:55 . The Portals to Truth are large open. The Spirit of Truth Lightning glows! The Avalanche can no longer be halted. Great Central Sun mightly blows! . Who’ll hear Divine snapping fingers? Who’s most courageous on Earth? Who, with one fell swoop, his Light […]

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And as the Cycles change

. And As The Cycles Change March 3, 2022, 13:33 . And as the Cycles change, by Will of Great Creator, and Planet leaps in Space, from Poles to Equator, . When monumental jump is watched by Universes, and old world gets crushed in thousand pieces curses, . When you will jump in sleep to […]

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Fly Higher!

. Fly Higher! March 1st, 2022, 13:11 . Fly high! He gave you wings to Fly! Know you not, you are Light? A Sword of Light you are in Him, to fly in Light, and fight! . He trusted you with mighty Wings. Why do you keep them hid? Remember, child, all that He has, […]

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I came

. I Came March 1st, 2022, 11:30 . “I came for the Salvation of the World. This is my only function. That’s why I AM here.” (A Course in Miracles) . . . . . .

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Just take a magnifying glasS!

. Just Take A Magnifying Glass! Sunday, February 27, 2022, 14:44 . Just take a magnifying glass and see! Ask it show you the Truth, just as it is! A shock tornado overturns the world, wild oceans will be squashing up all breeze… . Go, see Elizabeth the First turn tides. See vast resources of […]

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For it is our duty

. For It Is Our Duty Sunday, February 20, 2022, 22:22 . For it is our duty and our sacred aim, defend this wondrous planet, ours in God to claim! . For millions of years were we fighting, to gain our Unity and Power, Light Warriors to claim! . Two thousand years here, He came, […]

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