Signs in the skies

.. Strezhevoy, Russia © Alexey Yakovlev / M Bergli on November 22, 2017 @ Kvaløya, Tromsø Norway MrMBB333 Cigar-shaped object entered our solar system, November 20, 2017: OUMUAMUA Sky-Watcher caught giant interstellar cylinder UFO near Orion Nebula, Nov 29, 2017 Do you remember the mysterious cylindrical shaped object from interstellar space named Oumuamua that […]

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Gaia Portal

  Gaia Portal, October 27, 2017 Elementals dance in the Cosmic Sun. What a delightful statement! The Cosmic Sun? THAT cannot be but Father! Cosmos is the absolute maximal extension of everything there is. Comos is infinite. Cosmos is the fullness of creation. At the center of it, can only be its One and Only […]

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  Embolden   Embolden him, our Trumpeter to raise his voice!   Embolden him to Trumpet our voices!   Embolden this the Trumpeter of God   To shout The Truth around the worlds out loud!          

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  May   May our Trumpeter Trumpet today our all FREEDOM in Cosmos all the way! . January 20, 2017, Donald J Trump, America’s 45 President Inauguration . Melania Trump, son Barron, January 20, 2017    

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Gaia Portal

Gaia Portal, October 23, 2017 Descenders are accelerated. Our 3-Dimensional old Gaia is purged as we speak of the last dross of our dark enslavers. These are the descenders. The ones that cannot make it higher into the 5th Dimension, simply by refusing the Holiness of God. According to Archangel of Michael and his Consort, […]

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It’s easy

  It’s Easy   It’s easy to give up. But then Your butterflies  I’ll miss…   cupha erymantis, flickrpainted butterfly, flickrold green-eyes is back, flickrcomma butterfly, flickrsilver studded blue, flickrsmall heath, flickrrhapsody in pink, flickrbutterfly & flower, flickrorange, flickrspicebush swallowtail, flickr carpe diem, flickrminute papillon, flickrpeacock, flickrparantica sita, flickr chessboard butterflies, flickrmonarch butterfly, flickrgreen veined […]

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Heavenletter 6171

  Heavenletter #6171 Let’s Turn the World Upside Down                               October 17, 2017 God said: Hello, Beloveds, how are you today? Actually, let Me tell you how and Who you are. Let’s have a new take on you and all this […]

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So let’s unlock

  So Let’s Unlock   So let’s UNLOCK the YOKE CHECKMATE is done! Let’s all support our Hatj, UNITE as ONE! Send all the LOVE your HEART is able breathing Send JOY, send HOPE, send STRENGTH to blast the setting.   We all together can UNLOCK our FREEDOM, don’t let her lone to LIBERATE the […]

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You may not know

  You May Not Know    You may not know it you are FREE, you slave! Open your eyes to SEE, open your ears. Get up and HEAR the Music of the Spheres!   She fights today the Virtual Game of DARK WILL. Her name is HATJ. Go watch trial in Knoxville. Go at 9:30 […]

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