Something unique

Something UNIQUE   Something UNIQUE is happening today. That child of God, that HATJ was put in shackles.   She fights for us, for ALL of us as ONE. She has the KEY render the game UN-DONE.   ORIGINAL is she, of PURE ESSENCE, As we all are, but dumbed to not give credence!   […]

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Sleep not

  Sleep Not   Your Father speaks to you, My child, sleep you not! Grab your Light Sword and Do Unlock the Knot!    

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My partner

  My Partner   Yes, that my partner betrayed me. But were You not my Partner eternally?   You thump me in my solar, my Father, with Your paw – Didn’t I come for eons fulfill Your Law?   You knew it, when all started,  Of course You did! In Truth, it was but I, […]

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For   For I tell you I do exist for Him, not against you.   Yes, Yes! His Joy is dancing in my heart! …so true!    

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  I   I cannot add one atom to the Perfection God created me.   What a Joy to be perfect and healed and whole and FREE!    

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Red Sun

“Ophelia” blows Sahara sands over Britain, Monday, October 16, 2017 Sun over Chorley, Lancashire on Monday morning © Brian Fisher / Twitter Red sun taken at midday in Salisbury © Judy A. / Twitter   Early evening sky over London 

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Gaia Portal

Gaia Portal, October 15, 2017 Inner technologicals are recognized by all, as outer ones fail. Inner technologicals are those who discovered, recognized and acknowledge the One Divine God right in the center of our heart. There is no other possible way to be created than by His Divine Will, and His Eternal Presence is in […]

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Promise   And if through ages fought and lost And madness were you seeing, It was for you to learn and know New World comes into being.   And if you suffer, weep and mourn And chaos reigns around, It is for you to learn and know Trumpets of God are sound’…   I know […]

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I hear

I Hear   I hear you screaming and I see you cry and you are not sure if you will survive. Take heart, My Child, I AM on My way, when did I let My Children to dark be a prey?   I hear you screaming and I see you cry, on this My loved […]

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to my traitors

  To My Traitors   Do you really hope I AM going to leave My so Sacred a Mission unfulfilled?   Begone. Your betrayal was shaking me wake; My Father on His arm took me, that I not break.   His Power is mine now. Delight is His embrace. The elixir of Life I found […]

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