It’s Like A World Is Dying

. It’s Like A World Is Dying Sunday, July 31, 2022, 17:17 . It is that strange pressure…It is that sadness deep… It seems we never made it, Peace on our Earth to keep… . The molecules dismember, air disintegrates, all our work, our battle, to nothing dissipates… . It’s our human nature, to get […]

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That Magic Moment Of Non-Time

. That Magic Moment Of Non-Time July 25, 2022, 19:11 . For our Sun will explode, so the System was towed, in a masterful cloak all the way, to Pleiades Star Cluster, Apsu System new home, being kept from meltdown away… . Full one thousand five hundred of billion years served, and kept our Sun […]

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Civilization Ends Now

. Civilization Ends Now July 25, 2022, 17:17 . Civilization ends now. The 20,000th one. The Cycles are completed. Last spin of Worlds now done. . The TIME has stopped. Earth Mother rotates her last of rings, while jubilating Cosmos her Victory start sing… . Four-half billion years…Mighty Warrior life, our Mother fought through Aeons, […]

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But One Time!

. But One Time! July 22, 2022, 22:22 . But one time He shall say it! For He Is The Great Word. The Eternal, Allmighty, and the One, only Sword! . You have trampled His Cosmos! His Creation you raped! Ravaged, killed and destroyed… Not one life you have saved! . Twenty five years granted. […]

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Pretty Gruesome

. Pretty Gruesome July 22, 2022, 11:11 . Pretty gruesome, is this most amazing and wondrous a World! Is this all you can give, are your talents so short, when your powers creative unfold? . Vital Force you depleted, Mother Earth cries in rage, sucked you children of marrow and blood! I see gruesome and […]

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No Birdie Too Tiny

. No Birdie Too Tiny July 20, 2022, 20:20 . The World’s full of Wonders, right in front our nose, trees and flowers and butterflies, jay… . And no bird is too tiny, no grass is too small, for great Joy to be carried away… . There was so hot allover, and still hotter each […]

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The Big Day

. The Big Day July 18, 2022, 11:11 . I just feel today the Joy bursting! I just feel, today’s The Big Day. I just see, how Father snaps fingers, for Planet and Man fly away! . His Love flows, filling Life new vibrating. There is such mighty Joy in the air!… Filled with His […]

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Time For Your Wonders

. Time For Your Wonders Sunday, July 17, 2022, 11:11 pm . Wherever I look, see Your Wonders; Mastership of all Wonders You bear! And I cry in Your wonderful Wonders, the more to Your Wonders I stare… . The two hundred and six million years allotted to Earth, are fulfilled. Your lost children could […]

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Is Life Disintegrating?

. Is Life Disintegrating? Sunday, July 17, 2022, 11:17 . Is Life disintegrating? Is Earth falling apart? Are the oceans of Earth wiping all? . Is the Light transmutating, into the Higher Realms, lifting off man and Tiny Dot Ball? . Swirling blast Winds of Change, from the depths of old caves, carry Past in […]

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Shall I Even Start Tell You…

. Shall I Even Start Tell You… July 13, 2022, 21:21 . Shall I even start tell you the pain you treated us, children, animals lovely, and every piece of grass?… . Shall I try to describe you the horror of your deeds, on this marvel of children of God, and their seeds? . Where […]

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