Here Down On Tiny Dot Gaia

. Here Down On Tiny Dot Gaia July 11, 2022, 11:11 . Here down, on Tiny Dot Gaia, disappeared we are, one by one… We were powerful, brave, strong and valiant, but they slowly have killed us, and done… . You have sent us in all our glory. You have sent us, Your best of […]

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I Hold My Sword Of Light

. I Hold My Sword Of Light Sunday, July 10, 2022, 10:10 pm . I hold the Sword of Light, uprightly. Salute the Army multitudes. In unison are all hearts beating, in Universal altitudes. . This is Archangel Michael’s Army. Galactics armored for the Fight. The air trembles, high the frequents. Command will come from […]

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We Are The New Beginning

. We Are The New Beginning July 8, 2022, 22:22 . We stepped in New Beginning! It happened yesterday. That 7th date, so wondrous, opened Earth the New Way. . The Seven Master Spirits, of Father Radiant Light. And here lies the meaning, of higher inner sight. . We jumped in New Beginning! The Earth […]

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How Infinite, Your Beauty…

. How Infinite, Your Beauty… July 7, 2022, 07:07 pm . You come from Marvel Planet, of Beauty Infinite, no limit in your gold eyes, of worlds in Star-shine lit… . There was, for times, in Lyra a race of Beauty born… Destroyed by wicked brothers, masters of lie and scorn… . Terminated, all women. […]

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The Times Are Hard

. The Times Are Hard July 5th, 2022, 19:19 . The Times are hard…the dark are further struggling to steal this Father’s Planet for themselves. They do not know, in their limited minds, God’s Cosmos works on only Godly terms! . Like hamsters in the wheel of their maker, walking in vain, with their switches […]

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It Is The Truth

. It Is The Truth July 4th, 2022, 22:44 . It was the Truth, you heard, when you first knew God’s Word. The Truth you came to fight for, with your strong hand, Light Sword! . It was Truth, you defended over Aeons of time, holding hands with all children of God, all brothers thine. […]

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Your Will Be Done!

. Your Will Be Done! Sunday, July 3, 2022, 11:11 . I, of the Morning Rays, I, in Superconsciousness, I, of Nebadon, I, the Allemande, I, of Compassion, take all my Brothers & Sisters in my arms, all Children of God in Gaia and in all Nebadon; I lift my hands up in full determination; […]

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Magic July

. Magic July Friday, July 1st, 2022, 07:07 pm . I see this July in plain Magic! I feel this July birthing New! I love, how the flowers of Gaia jubilate in the New Sun and dew… . I see Magic July Celebrations! Humans jumped into Higher Light Realm! All Archangels of Heavens, God’s Helpers, […]

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