It Is The Truth


It Is The Truth

July 4th, 2022, 22:44


It was the Truth, you heard,

when you first knew God’s Word.

The Truth you came to fight for,

with your strong hand, Light Sword!


It was Truth, you defended

over Aeons of time,

holding hands with all children

of God, all brothers thine.


You have crossed Delaware

for Independence win!

It was Truth, you all fought for,

for all sacred God’s Kin!


Blessed you’ve been, in this blessed land,

guided by Father’s hand,

Sending Saint Germain, signing,

Independence to stand!


For it was Truth, you stood for,

and for Freedom you fought.

So you earned precious blessing

through your Truth and right thought!


Celebrate this your winning,

keep this Truth in your heart:

Teach your children the Freedom,

sing the legend, all barth!


For no other was given

precious gift in God’s land,

Independence to fight for,

from a tyrant King’s hand!


There were raptors, invaders,

who soon came, steal and grab

mighty beauty of Freedom,

whole folk in back stab!


Over hundreds of years

lords of darkness arrived,

who enslaved and who robbed, and

chains on Freedom contrived!


It is the Truth, you won!

It is for Truth, you stand!

Celebrate Independence,

Victors, in your Free land!




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