Open Your Eyes And Your Ears!

. Open Your Eyes And Your Ears! December 2nd, 2022, 14:44 . By now you shall know Divine Power. Liberation Great Sign was released. The Moment of No-Time ignited. With Fire are His Laws incised. . STOP shall you mock One Creator! Divine Radiant SOURCE of All Life! STOP shall you abuse Divine Patience! In […]

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Oh, Save Us!

. Oh, Save Us! December 1st, 2022, 12:12 . Oh, save us, Your children, from this misery! Sunken in dark and despair we scream!… . Oh, send Your Light Rays and Your Angels White Beings, to lift us from horrid dark dream! . How long still allow, from dark realms, the invaders, their brothers to […]

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I AM A Being Of Violet Fire

. I Am A Being Of Violet Fire November 24, 2022, 12:44 . I Am a Being of Violet Fire. I came to Restore Truth on Earth. I promised my Father to fulfill my Mission. We transmute now to our New Birth. . We are all Beings of Violet Fire. We reborn in our True […]

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. GOD. HAS. WON. November 18, 2022, 13:33 . God Has Won! Celebrations are blessing the Earth! Be you ready for your New Rebirth! . After Aeons, shout out our Liberty Song! Break all Cycles of pain, with a gong! . Learn the New Language Words: God. Has. Won. Full Force greet Victory. Dark is […]

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Yes, It Looks Like…

. Yes, It Looks Like… November 17, 2022, 11:17 . Yes, it looks like you manage to steal God’s Creation… An illusion is this… . You concoct it, and twist it, and whip it, and mix it, on this Planet of His… . Pretty dumb, and plain stupid, let your pompous an Ego, play your […]

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Time’s Up!

. Time’s Up! November 6, 2022, 23:06 . Not, that we expected the Battle be light! The strongest of strongest knew, it will be hard. . Hearts bleeding in sadness, our tears can’t cease… None of ours could fathom such insane disease… . In the Light Realms there isn’t evil, this bitter taste; Yet, on […]

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For Freedom Is Our Birthright!

. For FREEDOM Is Our Birthright! September 22, 2022, 11:11 . For FREEDOM is our Birthright to Be, as His Principle in His Grand Universe. Loser, you, trampling this greatest Gift, wearing your culotte à l’inverse!… . Precious gift, you blind ones, didn’t see! Precious still, our Free Will to Choose! Chosen you to betray […]

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For When Odin Shall Lift

. For When Odin Shall Lift Friday, August 5, 2022, 21:55 . What the oceans of tears!… What the Ages of screams!… Inconceivable Aeons of pain… . What a tragedy thrown on the children of God, in no nightmare to be dreamed again… . What a revenge sinister, what a monster concept, in God’s mind […]

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He Knows Why I Cry…

. He Knows Why I Cry… August 1st, 2022, 23:11 . For the world is in chaos, and the children are lost, with the Reason in minds all gone… . Being twisted and burnt, hypnotized and erased, all by will, and according to plan! . The Carbon Molecule, in nucleus attacked, all Supreme, Divine Concept […]

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