For, Should You Know…


For, Should You Know…

February 28, 2023, 22:28


You want to know… Your knowing so limited…

For, should you know, you have to know it well!

One Will There IS! One Will commands Creation,

Eternal Universe, away from hell!…


You scramble put to death Great Mother Russia.

If only you could see, deranged your mind!

For Aeons came, red haired, red bearded Lions,

to greatest heights establish God’s Mankind!


Insanely ask all Europe for weapons…

As cannon fodder force young, precious sons…

In brazen arrogance you call all Khazars

to murder, bomb, destroy, provide with guns…


Empty your chest! You sold your Soul to devil.

As poor carcass screech your poor roles…

Disgusted world, at your disgusting noises,

spits on your deeds, your dirty monstrous goals…


All Superuniverses laugh to tears…

Have ever heard, the Seven Greatest all?

Indeed, how stupid dreams, to nuke this planet,

His wondrous, sacred one, Tiny Dot Ball!…


For, should you know, you have to know Perfection.

Your poor bunch of clowns God will smash!

Roaring be Justice!… And the Russian Bear,

in God, his Sword of Light will slash to ash!!!




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