The Fire Baptism


The Fire Baptism

March 2nd, 2023, 01:11 pm


The Fire Baptism is here.

In vain you will now cry.

Forget your lies and fusses.

To ash will you burn dry.


Where is the Light, you ask?

In your heart — but you smashed it!

So, our Lighted Swords

your darkness found — and slashed it!


Eternal LOVE, for Aeons,

called you come Home, to Him.

Instead, you killed Mankind,

destroyed His Godly Kin!


You need not to prepare.

It will come over night…

Aeons long was He waiting,

in His Love and His Light!


For He was sending thousands

of Messengers of Might.

You crucified them, monsters,

and smashed His Loving Light!


Now is too late, dark brothers.

The Cosmic Cycles closed.

Eternally forgotten,

from Records you are tossed!


The Fire Baptism is here.

For Pure and for Right.

To ashes burns all darkness,

in Giant Pulse of Light!




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