In Birthing Pain


In Birthing Pain

March 2nd, 2023, 05:55 pm


In Birthing Pain is gasping Mother Earth.

The Warriors kneel, all dropping their Swords.

The Greatest Moment in Man History,

salute the Universe and all the Worlds!


The Moment came, to finally see Freedom.

In Magic Leap takes wing now Mother Earth!

Never before, this Mighty Jump in Quantum

took ever place, to seal Man New Rebirth.


Salute! You Mighty Warriors of Father!

Salute! Archangels, Angels, Masters all!

In Truth! Salvation Plan is now accomplished,

on our wondrous, Earth Tiny Blue Ball!


In Birthing Pain we all embrace our Mother.

We all feel Birthing Pain in our Heart!

Blessed be this day, of Mankind Liberation!

This Magic Moment, our Flight we start!!!




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