A Hummingbird

  A Hummingbird   A hummingbird if I would be to You I would be aiming, to drink of You the nectar all, from You so sweet a Being!   I kiss Your flowers, sing to them my songs in humming streaming, we talk of You and laugh in joy of You so sweet a […]

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True Quantum Banking System

  The New True Quantum Banking System Monday, 25-Jun-2018     The New True Quantum Banking System  Look Before you Speak – Kim Possible Update 6-24-18 Entry Submitted by Kim Possible at 3:48 PM EDT on June 24, 2018   To my dearest ALL,   Many speak of a quantum system for the people.  I […]

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We’re not at all amused

  We’re Not At All Amused   We’re not at all amused that you usurped our plane, sacred gift Our Father’s for us build and maintain!   You came, made us your servants. Who put you on your thrones??? Grok: we’re the heir here. This day we cut your horns.    

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For if you are a queen

  For If You Are A queen   For if you are a queen and stolen Gaia’s riches, you are a thief, you lizard! Go home with all your bitches.   Your gold belongs to Gaia! Give diamonds back to India! All your castles you’ve stolen with your tentacles, sepia!   We The People have […]

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A Gift

  A Gift   Told you how Gracious Nebadonia Mother who created here all there’s to be, has received from the Infinite Mother the Highest the task to look well after me?   Well, Mother NEB is a humorous Being, She dances with me through all days, She sends me the sweetest of messengers daily, […]

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A dark chaos

  A dark chaos   A dark chaos is raging on Gaia; in the death throes they lost their kind. How then, in the Cosmos of Father ever think to defeat Divine Mind?   Where then, do you think, is a hole you can hide from His Light and His Splendor? Can’t you see, poor […]

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  Wondering   Wondering yesterday if the Forces of Light were enough on this planet to counter the dark might.   Chaos here grows wild monsters show their faces, ugliness has no limits, cowardice, plots, disgraces.   Pain, for gentle God’s Angels, to stand this Purgatory, witness how hard the monsters try diminish God’s Glory! […]

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Timeline Shift

  Arcturians: Timeline Bridge   Arcturians: Timeline Bridge June 14, 2018 By the Arcturians through Méline Lafont http://www.melinelafont.com On June 14th a Timeline shift has occurred.    It was a shift in time,  a change of momentum  during the bridging of the Solstice.    This, Beloveds,  is an activation, a start, a point of acceleration  […]

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