A Gift


A Gift


Told you how Gracious Nebadonia Mother

who created here all there’s to be,

has received from the Infinite Mother the Highest

the task to look well after me?


Well, Mother NEB is a humorous Being,

She dances with me through all days,

She sends me the sweetest of messengers daily,

magpies and swallows and jays…


Today a most wondrous of days to remember,

today NEB made me laugh to no end,

in the 70 years on this planet so tender

I have learned Life and LOVE comprehend.


Today Sun radiantly shines on my morning,

all the trees and the grass smile to me.

 As I greeted my Father in all peace of my mind

a great marvel just started to be.


In my garden all NEB’s messengers are the birds sweet,

nightingales and doves sing to me,

but today what I saw was just stopping my breathing,

while my eyes thought that just cannot be!


Gasping I melt when I saw starting playing

one lovely white butterfly in my face,

and a second just came, and I froze while looking

at that fine, delicate dancing grace!


Well, the two kissed all plants and all flowers,

joyful, delighting in my own delight,

and I almost was shouting, for a third one appeared,

and I thanked Mother NEB of the Light.


The delight was by no means then finished,

Mother NEB’s gift came in full and apart.

Right in front of my nose, to my wonder

two sweet dancers a solo did start!


They arouse in fine movements in flying,

turned around again and again,

lifting up, changed direction in dancing,

switching places so free with no frain…


Yes, the gift was a wonder of wonders:

what a beauty and pure delight!

In the 70 years on planet

NEB was honoring me from the Light.


Idea for a Marque Party


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