That Your Beauty

. That Your Beauty Thursday, June 10, 2021, 22:22 . That Your Beauty I’d be, Your expression! In Your Light would I fly, as extension… . In the world look, sometimes, mesmerizing… See Astrea Fee float, in fine gliding… . Who is able see You beyond flowers, or in butterfly’s wings Your sweet wonders? . […]

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I Breathe Your Light

. I Breathe Your Light Monday, June 7, 2021, 17:17 . For I was lost, but You leaned onto me. I learned again, You born me to be Free! . The darkness trampled all this marvelous place, till we forgot, God holds us in His Grace. . We swam all years through our own tears. […]

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He’s at the door

. He’s At The Door Monday, June 7, 2021, 15:55 . When He gets into action, expect perfection. Not ever shook the thunder your whole Earth! . Beware! He’s The Thunder. And He’s The Lightning! For — once — brings The Eternal your New Rebirth. . In Him you are immortal. But Him you mocked! […]

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And you thought…

. And You Thought… Sunday, May 30, 2021, 22:00 . And you thought that the lightning, and big thunder today, manage chase valiant swallow from the high sky away? . Cats and dogs was it raining, hail, this day of May! None were taking the swallow’s joy of dancing away! . Hatching was ringneck neighbour, […]

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That Butterfly

. That Butterfly . That butterfly, that flew to greet me in the morn, it melted me, in wonder, like before being born… . In mesmerizing charming of such an off-world dance, again it keeps me smiling and dreaming like in trance… . The fascinating movements, so light, invite me see, there are no laws […]

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Gaia’s New Song

  Gaia’s New Song May 6, 2015 . This night to Gaia a New Song was born. A Song of Joy and of Man’s Dignity. .   Watch, Humans, how this Wonder came to be. .   The FREEDOMsRAY ignited was for Ever  deep into Gaia’s Heart, Crystalline Core, .   by no ONE’s but […]

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For God’s Love

  For God’s Love   For God’s Love is a wondrous God Secret,   Large your arms, huge your heart, to contain…   It is you, who need open in Marvel,   Marvel Love in your heart, feel and claim… . . .

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O, the Music of Life

O, the Music of Life   O, the Music of Life is a marvel, in the Ocean of Life you all dance, in My Fatherly Love, all connected, and My tender Embrace from above!   Do not try to contain all My Secrets, Silence only will open to you, when all noises and arrogance, quiet […]

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