Gaia’s New Song

  Gaia’s New Song May 6, 2015 . This night to Gaia a New Song was born. A Song of Joy and of Man’s Dignity. .   Watch, Humans, how this Wonder came to be. .   The FREEDOMsRAY ignited was for Ever  deep into Gaia’s Heart, Crystalline Core, .   by no ONE’s but […]

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For God’s Love

  For God’s Love   For God’s Love is a wondrous God Secret,   Large your arms, huge your heart, to contain…   It is you, who need open in Marvel,   Marvel Love in your heart, feel and claim… . . .

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O, the Music of Life

O, the Music of Life   O, the Music of Life is a marvel, in the Ocean of Life you all dance, in My Fatherly Love, all connected, and My tender Embrace from above!   Do not try to contain all My Secrets, Silence only will open to you, when all noises and arrogance, quiet […]

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Sometimes Your Beauty

  Sometimes Your Beauty   Sometimes Your Beauty goes that far, I cannot take. I am Your tiny butterfly fleeting the lake.   Your rays of Sun caressing me in gentle light, You beam me free and let me fly in full delight.   I do not fight You shining Light above the wind. It’s You, […]

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The Swallows! The swallows!

  The Swallows! The Swallows! May 1st, 2019, 22:22   The swallows, the swallows, those tiny, cute fellows, they fill all my skies yet again!   It’s May, blooming May, and the swallows are here, in high, round circles entrain!   I welcome the tiny creatures so funny, to give them a hug I would […]

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He was teaching me Beauty

He Was Teaching Me Beauty   He was teaching me Beauty, He was teaching me Love. All I have, is He gave me in my heart, from above.   He created me Wonder, He created me Grace. All I sing, dance, or BE-ing Is mine from His embrace.   I am His. What a Marvel, […]

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Ah, the sadness, the sadness

  Ah, the Sadness, the Sadness   Ah, the sadness, the sadness in my heart for You longing… Take me Home, take me Home, Father mine, this fine morning!   In Your arms would I, tender, in Your Love bathe, in dew, wash away all my wounds, by Your hands and by You…   Ah, the […]

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You Are my Only Friend

  You Are My Only Friend   Thank You for talking with me. Does so well. I cry and turn all my words  to the Quell.   Thank You for crying with me, only You. Only You understand what I say. Painful true…   Thank You for speaking to me all the time. I have […]

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