Song of a mother


Song Of A Mother

Sunday, June 20, 2021, 22:22


Oh, let me sing you

a song of Love,

for the children who died

and flew above…


I will sing you

a song of screaming,

of the mothers of Gaia

and their hearts bleeding…


The new ones landed,

but deaf and blind…

See no God Living

of any kind…


I’ll show you mothers

trying to teach

their children blindness

to heal and Truth reach!


But oh, their children

learn just the lessons

they have been offered

all these dark eons!


How they are crying,

mothers, in Knowing,

watching the children

all down going!…


They are the products!

They are the fruit!

Innocent children,

on the false rut…


Remember always:

One mother’s will

shall save all children

from darkness kill!


For mother’s power,

nourished by God,

is made of Fire

from Father’s rod!…




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