Brazil       May 30, 2020   dpagestern Neue Gräber auf dem Friedhof «Nossa Senhora Aparecida» in Manaus, Brasilien. . . .

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Huge Timeline Jump!

  Huge Timeline Jump! May 26, 2020, 19:11   schrö . Gabriel Raio Lunar: “Auric strengthening happens for final moments. 144 approve Jerusalem approach to Amiga Island.” . . . . schrö . Gina Maria Colvin Hill June 3, 2020 Something MASSIVE is next to the Sun!  . . schrö . .

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The Final Transition

  The Final Transition Aluna Joy May 15, 2020 .   This unexpected time is the dawning. This is the beginning of a great dismantling. Obsolete consciousness is being dissolved. Duality is deliberately cancelling itself out. All of creation is being cleared to create a new vessel. The new world template is now being envisioned […]

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I see, you are still bending

  I See, You Are Still Bending   I see, you are still bending your neck under your yoke, when Time is Up, and voices are shouting you awoke!   I see, you miss the courage to speak your Truth, to stand, to challenge slaver-masters, with brothers in one band!   So brave your pain […]

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It is impossible!

  It Is Impossible! May 14, 2020, 13:13   It is impossible, to still sleep long and miss by sleeping the Call to Arms, the Trumpet call to final dark defeating!   Open your ears! Open eyes! Read Truth, so mightly buried. It is impossible, to still obey, in morass putrid.   A Fight is […]

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For to complete

  For To Complete   For to complete heroic deeds, you only need to Be, and His Desire joyful fill, in Him, Who sent you he…   A wondrous world we came to save, where Truth is hardest gold. For it was twisted, it was turned, and hidden thousandfold!   A Warrior you need to […]

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All Is A Divine Rainbow Now!

  All Is A Divine Rainbow Now! May 7,  2020, 11:22   By now, the Divine Rainbow conquered All! Breathe in the FREEDOM, children of my Father! Impossible He conquered, with His LOVE, and possible He made it, for all brother!   Stand tall! And Know the Truth into your Being. Acknowledge Him, Who made […]

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For You Are Born A Free

  For You Are Born A Free   For you are born a free, from Beginnings! Like your Father in Heavens, on High!   In His image, a Lightfull Creation, to live joyful and never to die.   Where are you now, little human? What the monsters have done onto you? How you lost your […]

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