Cuba Libre

. CUBA for FREEDOM July 15, 2021 . . . . . French Police Lay Down Shields Join 100,000 Protesters Marching Against Vaccine Passport – Absent from mainstream media are videos which show French police joining in with the protesters instead of tear gassing them. ​ . . .

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Sophia Love

. Sophia Love: Your Reality Is Changing July 13, 2021 . You are entering a permanently changed reality. It changes gradually. As the pedophilia pipeline ruptures, the banks collapse, and as they do, the money stops its free-flow into all of those (humans) taking part. It blows wide open and all at once. While most […]

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How Wondrous You are!…

. How Wondrous You Are!… . How Wondrous You are! And too many don’t know it. You carry us all our lives… . They know kill and murder. Never heard, there is LOVE! They only know kill and their knives. . Our pain is a lesson. It all went much too far. No sufferance in […]

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For one day…

. For One Day… July 1st, 2021, 20:11 . For one day, when you’ll Be, and you’ll Feel, and you’ll See, and you’ll be Free to think and speak loud, . When your muzzles all burnt, and the lies all debunked, and your mind sane on earth, not on cloud… . On that wonderful day, […]

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I’ll be shaking you

. I’ll Be Shaking You June 30, 2021, 19:19 . I’ll be shaking you mightly! I’ll be shaking you strong, till you’ll wake up to seeing, you’re a slave in tight bond! . I will splash you in ocean, and I’ll burn you with flame, till the Truth you’ll be seeing, and the monster dark […]

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The Sun of Thousand Suns

. The Sun of Thousand Suns June 28, 2021, 11:11 . The Sun of Thousand Suns is up in Heavens! All bells are ringing, brother still asleep! The Earth is New, New is the Sun in Heavens, you, the New Human, shine beyond your leap! . In Mighty Light it woke me up this morning, […]

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For you might feel quite happy

. For You Might Feel Quite Happy Friday, June 25, 2021, 17:17 . For you might feel quite happy, well muzzled up so tight, walking dead through the brumbles, in wake of serpent bite… . You feel quite safe, secure, stabbed through your sacred brain, with vicious swabs, infected, to ensure you soon slain… . […]

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Song of a mother

. Song Of A Mother Sunday, June 20, 2021, 22:22 . Oh, let me sing you a song of Love, for the children who died and flew above… . I will sing you a song of screaming, of the mothers of Gaia and their hearts bleeding… . The new ones landed, but deaf and blind… […]

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The Federation of Light

. The Federation of Light Blossom Goodchild June 19, 2021, 16:12 . Good morning to you. Another opportunity not to be missed. I seem to be becoming more and more aware of the illusion and yet, it is very different from what I thought the illusion was. Maybe there are many. In that, the darkness […]

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