ÉirePort Group Communiqué

  ÉirePort Group Communication July 28, 2019 by ÉirePort     Greetings from the ÉirePort Group. We felt the time had come to communicate certain essential items for the Hue-manity collective. As we have explained before, the term “Hue-manity” represents the Rainbow Higher Vibrational collective currently residing on the Planet Earth, or Gaia, who are […]

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Arctic burns

  Arctic Burns   Unprecedented wildfires blazing across the Arctic are visible from space 26 Jul, 2019 © NASA Earth Observatory / Joshua Stevens . July 25, 2019 . . . .

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A New Day

  A New Day July 21, 2019, 0:11   This is A New Day in A New Timeline, The Timeline of FREEDOM. . . . WakeupWorld .

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Mes Hirondelles

  Mes Hirondelles July 19, 2019, 11:22   Mes hirondelles so sweet, so quick, how mighty turn their rondoes, so full of strength, perfection, grace and speed in fine tornadoes!…   Mes hirondelles are strange today, month of July is ending… August comes soon, and they’ll be gone: what do they want me telling?   […]

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A Babe Is Born!

  A Babe Is Born!   . . . . . . . . . . . . . GEORGE  🇺🇸‏ @TheCollectiveQ It’s all about our Children! QBabySentMe Greenville, North Carolina, Donald J Trump Presidential Rally, July 17, 2019 . @TheCollectiveQ 17 July, 2019 . VictoriaRGates Q sent me! Q for the babies victimized by slaughter […]

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Gaia Portal, July 17, 2019

  Gaia Portal Message July 17, 2019     Heterogenies are resolved in Light. The all unending noisy tirades sickening us all dissolve now in the avalanche of Light. Sparse fields are replanted. A healthy, fresh New Earth is now seeded. Stargates open for those in the movements. Our brothers and friends come in from […]

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The Sacredness of Mauna Kea

  The Sacredness of Mauna Kea   Posted on 2019/07/15 by Kauilapele   Kupuna Elders protectors of Mauna Kea, 7-15-19 . Demonstrators gather to block a road at the base of Hawaii’s tallest mountain, Monday, July 15, 2019, in Mauna Kea, Hawaii, to protest the construction of a giant telescope on land that some Native Hawaiians […]

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