You Will Need Own Key

. You Will Need Own Key June 1st, 2023 . You will need your own Key, to enter Your Temple. Your magic Ankh only can open Your Portal. Focus in ‘Will’, to reach the Key Essence of Truth, straight through Labyrinth Frontal. . Go deep in the Gange, wash from head to toe. Ask Sun […]

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. Gone!!! June 1st, 2023 . Gone!!! Are the Times, to hide behind your finger! Frontal the Truth confronts you in your face! . Upright!!! Should you ignite the Liberation of Sovereignty, and Celebrate His Grace! . . .

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A Marvel You Are!

. A Marvel You Are! May 31, 2023, 12:00 . A Marvel You are, in this last of the hour! You hold us all tight in embrace! You give us the strength, and the courage, and power, in Your marvelous ways, and Your Grace! . Lost we all feel, in this muddy dark mire! Trapped […]

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You Won’t Believe It

. You Won’t Believe It May 24, 2023 . Maybe you won’t believe it, but it’s truer than true: There IS no ugliness in God’s Holy Mind! . You can scream all you want, wear culotte à l’inverse; Pure Beauty is He, and all His mankind! . Through the eyes of His Christ is He […]

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So, That’s Why

. So, That’s Why May 26, 2023 . So, that’s why, so, that’s why, I bitterly cry, and remember my brothers all slain, . And Your millions of children, innocent and beloved, through long Aeons of unbearable pain… . Probably that is why I am crying all day, knowing not how to stop waves of […]

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Last Hot Phase

. Last Hot Phase May 30, 2023 . For, if the last, hot phase can crush, burn all dark into ashes and fire, . Be you sure, God’s Love completes the Great Marvel of His Godly Desire! . . .

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If You Think Straight

. If You Think Straight May 30, 2023 . If you think straight…but we have all forgotten: Our whole world is caught in darkest spell. . A twisted Truth we live, and die, and languish, hear not, see not, and miss the waking bell… . See, one of us should have the simple courage! See, […]

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On Your Shoulder Crying…

. On Your Shoulder Crying… May 24, 2023 . On Your shoulder crying, through bitter tears mine, I’ll give You glimpses on the life on Earth. As Warriors of Yours, You sent us here, to save this Planet, bring her New Rebirth. . Oh, Father mine, not even You will fathom, from brilliant Purity of […]

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The Little Difference

. The Little Difference May 24, 2023 . The little, hid difference, between my little friend, honour Raven, and me, is that simple: he’s Free! . He is Free fly all over, dance and glide with the wind, he is Free love Creation — so he’s just Free to Be! . And the Jay, tiny […]

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Didn’t We Wait For Lives?

. Didn’t We Wait For Lives? May 29, 2023 . Didn’t we wait for lives? Didn’t we wait for Aeons? One by one were we thrown over board… . Till all bodies desfiguered, and all slaves gone and lost at sea, held by God’s Silver Cord… . Watch, we came to be paid! And is […]

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