The Gordian Knot

  The Gordian Knot   For the Gordian Knot is too dark a construct. Not a child of God  could create!   Against all Divine Law! Cosmic Order just mocked! And the Father of Love denigrate!   From invasion, so wicked, with the murdering all of the highest, magnificent Creations,   Was a madness construct […]

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L’Enfant Terrible

  L’Enfant Terrible Boris Johnson wins elections in Great Britain December 12, 2019   . . . Conservatives gain enough seats for outright majority in UK Parliament 12 Dec, 2019  Boris Johnson . Boris Johnson with his dog Dilyn, December 12, 2019, London, Great Britain . ‘Let the healing begin’: BoJo sings UK unity & […]

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Gaia Portal, December 11, 2019

  Gaia Portal Message December 11, 2019     Restrictions are released on all levels. Free to GO! “Uncommon partnerships” are entered. The Cosmic, Universal, Galactic Light-Forces are here! The unexpected becomes expected. And eons of Hope, overwhelming! Light and Love permeate the new arenas. That means the Presence of God Himself in full force […]

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Day After Day

  Day After Day   Donald J. Trump‏, December 10, 2019 Day after day, we are exposing the depravity, dishonesty and sickness of the corrupt Washington establishment — and with your help, we are going to complete the mission and DRAIN THE SWAMP! #KAG2020 . . “America is thriving like never before — and ladies […]

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The Promise

The Promise   And You have promised unto me, that never again, in the Eternity of Your whole Creation, will You allow a Wondrous Son of Yours, from The Highest BE CRUCIFIED! Giving the Monstrous Monsters a victory in Monstrosity! Yes, Father, the lesson was worth, BUT THE PRICE WAS TOO HIGH! For the millions […]

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For Eons Long He Wanted

  For Eons Long He Wanted   For eons long He wanted tell us His LOVE! How dumbed we? How blind we? Cut from Above?   DNA cut like cattle, mind stolen, wiped! Our babies cut and eaten!!! See, whom we fight?   That pure rain is falling on Earth again! The Godly Flood is washing […]

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  Immortal!   Immortal! Is the LOVE of God! Immortal! How fools, to think, you can extinguish LOVE!   Begone! By Father, wondrous Earth created, allows no theft! But Wonder from Above!   You burn! The Fire of the Highest Spirit, Immortal! Tolerates any theft NOT!   You fools! All darkness is dissolved this moment! God’s […]

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Watch Today Storm!

  Watch Today Storm!   Watch today storm! This Storm is of the Highest! How long, still, think, Father Himself will endure?   The Flood is His, of Pure Truth from Heavens! Spirit of Truth, the Godly One and Pure!   Stand strong and wake! The Gates of Flood He opened! Fear you not, when darkness all […]

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