The 7th 7, of Cosmic Light

  The 7th 7, of Cosmic Light  July 7, 2020, 9:19   Of Cosmic Light, already, this mighty day! Do you see worlds exploding, to skies all way?   In Cosmic Light, already, in Cosmic Might, Son of God’s Love appears, in Cosmic Height!   Oh, thought you, is still darkness, all humans lost? Look! […]

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4th of July, 1776

  4th of July, 1776 4th of July, 2020, 11:11 . . Happy Independence Day! . Donald J. Trump On this wonderful day, we celebrate our history, our heroes, our heritage, our flag, and our FREEDOM. Happy Fourth of July to Everyone! SaluteToAmerica . Mount Rushmore, Keystone, South Dakota, Turtle Island John F. Kennedy Jr. […]

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You Know

  You Know July 3, 2020, 3:33 pm   You know, You are the only One I have. You know, You are the only hand sustain me. You know, without You I would be lost. My breath You are, my only means to be.   The only one are You, to count on. Heavy my […]

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And it shall come

  And It Shall Come July 3rd, 2020, 13:33   And it shall come, be sure, the big blow up. If you deny, or laugh at, caught in the trap!   You know exactly’s coming, but still pretend. There is no way to trick Him. This is your end.   Go then: provoke your Father, Divine, Supreme! Release your […]

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Gaia Portal, July 1, 2020

  Gaia Portal Message July 1, 2020     Startling nights lead to the daybreak within. There are the dreams in the night, which help us remember. There are beautiful space ships in the sky we observe,  flashing their beautiful lights to us, so brotherly. In them we recognize our brothers / families from other […]

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Arcturians & Elohim

  Arcturians & Elohim   Ancient Greek god Hermes . Dreams and Messages From the Arcturians and Elohim channeled by Amora . The Arcturians brought images to me this morning (June 26th) as I was awakening in bed and in that theta-wave state. I was aware the visions were directed by them as this is […]

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New Jerusalem

  New Jerusalem   . . . schrö . schrö . . . schrö . Gina Maria Colvin Hill You see these ships? One day the whole world will see them! . Eastern Sky of Salem, Indiana July 7, 2020 . . . Gina Maria Colvin Hill . 8 July, 2020 . Gina Maria Colvin […]

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