O, Father…

  O, Father… June 1st, 2020, 20:02   I wish so much You bless me with a Marvel, a Marvel, that alone You can do,   To birth me new, in higher mine a Presence, on this so sacred Earth, with skies so blue…   O, hold my hands, We Two as One, in power, […]

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Humans say NO to darkness

  Humans Say NO to Darkness   Humans say NO to darkness. Think you dream? You are not! Truth explodes! Huge tsunamis spill from all hottest spot!   A handful of God’s children. You have muzzled to slaves. You have killed our strongest. You have slaughtered our brave.   Ages long been we tortured. Fought […]

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  Freedom! June 1st, 2020, 11:22   It won’t come from alone. We have to fight for it. To conquer we came here. Never or Now —  so be it.   It is the Fight of Eons. The choice of endless age. Stand strong, for never ever again, you’ll sit in cage!   Your ears […]

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  Brazil       May 30, 2020   dpagestern Neue Gräber auf dem Friedhof «Nossa Senhora Aparecida» in Manaus, Brasilien. . . .

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Gaia Portal, May 29, 2020

  Gaia Portal Message May 29, 2020, 13:33     Startles of Higher Awareness enspark Hue-manity. FREEDOMsRAY in the hearts of man IGNITES the Shift of the Ages! Fortifications and fortifiers crumble before the Higher Lights. Pretended fortifications and fortifiers dissolve in the flood of Divine Light. Flagrant envelopes are passed. The great Gifts of […]

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Huge Timeline Jump!

  Huge Timeline Jump! May 26, 2020, 19:11   schrödingersothercat.com . Gabriel Raio Lunar: “Auric strengthening happens for final moments. 144 approve Jerusalem approach to Amiga Island.” . .

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