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  Gaia Portal, November 28, 2017 Federal standards are raised in advance of income Light Bearers. The Bearers of the Light come. We, humans on Gaia are adjusting to welcome them.   Flashes of Brilliance Light the skies. Signs of Joy from our Galactic Brothers in their ships.   hu-being expansion is at hand. We […]

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FREEDOM   The notion The spelling The KEY! Sometimes on this tiny dot Gaia, so very, very far from the Light of our SOURCE we forget turn the key…   Q !ITPb.qbhqo ID:3LaVfhm8 Sat 25 Nov 2017 13:30:47 No.150870083    RED_RED_ _FREEDOM-_v05_yes_27-1_z _FREEDOM-_v198_yes_27-1_b _FREEDOM-_v-811z_yes_27-1_c _FREEDOM-_vZj9_yes_27-1_y _FREEDOM-_v^CAS0R-T_yes_27-1_87x _FREEDOM-_v&CAS0R-T2_yes_27-1_t _FREEDOM-_vEXh29B_yes_27-1_ch _FREEDOM-_v_stand _FREEDOM-_v_stand _FREEDOM-_v_stand _FREEDOM-_v_stand _FREEDOM-_v_stand_CAN _FREEDOM-_v1_stand _FREEDOM-_v1_stand _FREEDOM-_v1_stand _FREEDOM-_v2_stand _FREEDOM-_v3_stand _FREEDOM-_v4_mod_D092x _FREEDOM-_v4_mod_CAS80^ […]



  LOVE   There is no Love but God’s and all of Love is His. There is no principle that rules where Love is not. A Course in Miracles Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe          

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Gaia Portal

  Gaia Portal, November 23, 2017 Elements of creation combine in the Higher Alchemy. As of yesterday, 11/22, the Councils of the Higher Realms have appointed our Ancient Brothers, the Pleiadians, to FINALLY, directly and actively put the records straight on Gaia.   Predictors of doom fall. Because destruction of Gaia was NOT the Plan of […]

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So I Declare Today

  So I Declare Today   So I declare  Today The Sacred Universal Victory Day over the dark FOREVER.   This is the Completion of the Divine Plan for Salvation of Our Father.   See the Perfection and Sacredness of this Act in fulfillment!   This is  the Cosmic Mystery of the FIRST of the […]

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Today 11 / 22 / 2017

  TODAY   Today is a very important day. Extremely important. The most important, for all of Earth and our Universe. Today is our VICTORY DAY. UNIVERSAL VICTORY DAY.   All dark assassinating our President JFK on 11 / 22 / 1963 plus billions of Children of God of this God’s Earth are Today annihilated […]

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Change is in the Air

– – Angela Merkel, US-President Donald Trump, March 2017 Angela Merkel, Emmanuel Macron, April 21, 2018 . . Reuters . . German Chancellor Angela Merkel. © Fabrizio Bensch / Reuters . Matt Dawson @SaintRPh June 10, 2018 What a difference a second makes . .. German Chancellor Angela Merkel speaks to Interior Minister Horst Seehofer […]

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You Too

  YOU TOO   YOU too Be Blessed, My Father,   for sending us Mozart to delight our hearts…      

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Our Cherished One

UPDATE FROM ALEXANDRA MEADORS Nov 19, 2017 Hello all you Awesome Galactarians! Most of you who have traveled with me on Galactic Connection through the galaxy and beyond know my dedication and burning fire within to support VICTORY for all the precious beings – Creator’s creations – who made it through to this moment in […]

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