Gaia Portal


Gaia Portal, November 23, 2017

Elements of creation combine in the Higher Alchemy.

As of yesterday, 11/22, the Councils of the Higher Realms have appointed our Ancient Brothers, the Pleiadians, to FINALLY, directly and actively put the records straight on Gaia.


Predictors of doom fall.

Because destruction of Gaia was NOT the Plan of God!


Cosmic Energies require a solution.

The solution is our Glorious Ascension, all Cosmic Energies call for.


Fragments are unified.

The direct Fragments of the Almighty Father, sent here to work in His Name for the FREEDOM of Earth, unify now with their very SOURCE. What a Joyful, unprecedented Celebration!

ÉirePort | November 23, 2017 at 09:09

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