Gaia Portal, September 25, 2018

  Gaia Portal Message, September 25, 2018     Processionals carry the joy of New Paradigm followers. O, My God! This new Gaia Portal was an urgent one! It shows the Awareness of Change is so mightily grown, the Joy had to be spread! Like in ushering in a  great procession, the first ones carry […]

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Rose Grid of Universal Love

Rose Crystalline Grid Adamantins Pleiades 1 They have come to our Earth System to assist in the process of purification Rose Crystalline Grid of Universal Love around Gaia   Rose Crystalline Grid Adamantins Pleiades 1 Now they come back in full force, as an army, believe me, of 300 (three hundred) billion Crystalline Consciousness, not […]

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Gaia Portal, September 24, 2018

  Gaia Portal Message, September 24, 2018     Particle energetics on all levels merge with the Ascension timeline. Surprising for us, because we cannot see it. Not manifested yet in physicality. But this amazing group from Ireland writes from another realm. And so we celebrate the news, that energetic particles merge with our new […]

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Clergy breaks from Church of Rome

  Dissident Catholic Clergy Break from Church of Rome with Global Declaration Posted by Galactic Connection | Sep 23, 2018 ITCCS IMPORTANT NOTE FROM THE ITCCS DIRECTORATE: The following Declaration was received by our Office on Friday from a network of disaffected clergy within the Church of Rome. It was accompanied by a second, confidential […]

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