Now I Know

  Now I Know   Now I know why You have sent me here.   Gravity, Antigravity Rotation, Velocity Rays, Waves, Sonic Waves Oxygen, Hydrogen Electricity, Magnetism, Electro-Magnetic Pulses Microwaves, Laser Beams Light, Infrared, Ultraviolet…   Music! Even music, Your 432 hz for Harmony and Healing of Your beloved children and worlds!   All Your […]

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Gaia Portal, September 19, 2018

  Gaia Portal Message, September 19, 2018     Separations for the next phase are completed. Separation, in the well known sense of sorting the wheat from the chaff. We all reached those 2000 years prophesied  times. Those growing in their awareness of Truth, and reaching the necessary high level of consciousness, are entering their […]

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The Prince of Peace so close

  For aren’t we all brothers? Pyongyang, September 18, 2018   . © AP Korea Leaders Summit, Pyongyang, 18 September, 2018 . © KBS via Reuters REUTERS . . . Sep 19, 2018, . Moon Jae In, Southcorea , visits Kim Jong Un, Northcorea, after 11 years: imago/AFLO . .

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Pictures no one can explain

  September 14, 2018 by DAVID NOVA September 11, 2018, 8:02 am, Maria Gina Hill’s pictures from Salem, Indiana  . …and other FaceBook posters: . . . San Francisco Bay Area, September 14, 2018 Photo taken in San Mateo Photo taken in Pleasant Hill Photo taken in Pleasant Hill ..  

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Montague Keen Message

  Montague’s Message for Sunday, 19 August 2018  The Deep State Cabal struggles for its survival. They are using every ploy they can think of, to hold on to power. But their time is up and they will answer for all their crimes against humanity.    Mr Trump is speeding up their removal. His objective […]

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ÉirePort Message

  ÉirePort Group Message 9-11-18 The 9-11 Portal of Illumination and Ascension by ÉirePort     The ÉirePort group, operating as it does from the so-called “Land of Éire”, is essentially a spiritual group entity with a mission to enlighten and illuminate the beings of Ascending planet Earth (Gaia). We point out that the “Land […]

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Patriot Day Proclamation

  Presidential Proclamation on Patriot Day, 2018 Issued on: September 10, 2018   On Patriot Day, we honor the memories of the nearly 3,000 precious lives we lost on September 11, 2001, and of every hero who has given their life since that day to protect our safety and our freedom. We come together, today, to […]

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  11:11   11:11 In the Name of God: Blessed Be our new FREEDOM on Gaia by the hand of the Sovereign Christ, our Savior!   .    

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