For we have never known

  For We Have Never Known   For we have never known, nor did we feel this magic Joy, the essence of all FREEDOM! Immersed were we in suffering and pain, in this Divine, Eternal Loving Kingdom!   So, raise, my brothers! Father has ordained His Light reborn! His Love! His Truth! His FREEDOM! Rejoice […]

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The Universal JOY Message!

  The Universal JOY Message! September 29, 2019, 11:55   It’s here! Celebrations, start! Let JOY all flooding, Worlds all overflow! Wake up! Descend to streets! Fill Earth with dancing! Fill hearts with Joy Divine, in Golden Glow!   The Avalanche is here! Joy arrived! Let’s all in Golden Truth Tsunami bathe! We sing with […]

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A Miracle is Born

  A Miracle Is Born September 29, 2019, 11:44   A Miracle is born! Of Cosmic measure. A Miracle so great, today to see!   It is the FREEDOM of the Earth, declared, in Sacred Faith for all of us to BE! . . .  

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  Brazil     Vincent Kennedy‏ @VincentCrypt46   Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, South America, September 27, 2019 . Amazonas . So., 13. Okt.  . . . . . .

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  I  AM   “I AM the Son of God. Nobody can contain my Spirit. Nor impose on me a limitation God created not!”   A Course in Miracles  

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Gaia Portal, September 28, 2019

  Gaia Portal Message September 28, 2019     Strength of Inner Spirit connections are currently under test. Great days are these, of huge change and transmutation. Humans embody daily their Higher aspects. The inner Spirit strength is enhanced by the Heavens. Eliminations of tenuous connects are accelerated. The most amazing, tremendous work is done […]

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