Gaia Portal, September 28, 2019


Gaia Portal Message

September 28, 2019



Strength of Inner Spirit connections are currently under test.

Great days are these, of huge change and transmutation. Humans embody daily their Higher aspects. The inner Spirit strength is enhanced by the Heavens.

Eliminations of tenuous connects are accelerated.

The most amazing, tremendous work is done by Christ Michael Aton of Nebadon, Creator and Sovereign of this, His Universe. He conducts great teams of Galactics and Universals. Wave X, or the Purifying Fire from God is used, to dissolve Quantum entanglements, old dark contracts, wrong imprints, seals, illnesses from Earth humans. The clearing, cleansing, healing and transmuting of all negativity is accelerated.

Farsights are recognized for assists to Hue-manity.

These are God’s Sent, Sons and Daughters and Beings of Light, helping Humanity evolve, from above and below.

Finalizers are called forth.

Highly advanced skills are needed, and manifest.

Archangels watch over the process.

The Loving Archangels are the right hand of God.


√ČirePort | September 28, 2019 at 10:10 am

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