To Mother Nebadonia

  To Mother Nebadonia   There always are the Angels, no matter if we see, they are in front, around, by Father asked to be.   There is that Mother Spirit Creator of this place, a Master of all Beauty, and Love, and Joy, and Grace.   Transcending every moment Her messengers arrive: some zoom, […]

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Peace Is Possible

April 27, 2018 South Korean President Moon Jae-in and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un © Reuters Korea Summit Press Pool/ 28 Apr, 2018  South Korean President Moon Jae-in and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un attend a banquet on the Peace House at the truce village of Panmunjom inside the demilitarized zone separating the […]

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You too came

  You Too Came   You too came to your limits when you burn in hot rage,   With your sword you are slashing  ugly monsters of age?   You too came to your limits when you roar like a bear,   And you shatter and smash all for the limit  is there?     […]

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In every puffy bumblebee

  In Every Puffy Bumblebee   In every puffy bumblebee, butterfly or sweet bee I see a Messenger of Love of Mother, in my tree.   Her Master-hand creation of my beautiful tree, enchanting lilac blossoms feed Her Love to the bee.      

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There is no Left Tomorrow

  There Is No Left Tomorrow   There is no left tomorrow, put order in your house, put order in your soul for FREEDOM is aroused.   Eons and eons waiting, tears and pain all way, you’re starved now and exhausted, take wing and fly away.   Your Father’s HOME is open, HOME is He […]

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The Passionate Jay

  The Passionate Jay   Two-three millimeter, a half centimeter is that sweet tiny gorge of the jay?   A master’s his singing, the spring is he bringing none misses him miles away!   .          

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Look in the Tulip

  Look In The Tulip   Have you looked in the tulip have you looked in the rose, have you tried to decipher what it stays in your nose?   A Trinity Sacred in the center of it, this is the Holy’s Holy that All Created it!   Look at the six fine nectar staminas […]

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watch well

  Watch Well   Watch well, for tomorrow there is a new day, the day will be here, but we’ll be away!   Watch well,  for the cycles know no time nor day, we think is tomorrow, but is just the same day…    

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  FATHER!   FATHER, the offer of Free Will, You gifted to Your Children works as a Divine Magic possible only in the Spirit of Truth!   Begone! the obscene masquerade  the dark perform.   We, the Children of God in the Truth call for the Divine Justice in this ONE Universe, to mightily dissolve […]

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