To Mother Nebadonia


To Mother Nebadonia


There always are the Angels,

no matter if we see,

they are in front, around,

by Father asked to be.


There is that Mother Spirit

Creator of this place,

a Master of all Beauty,

and Love, and Joy, and Grace.


Transcending every moment

Her messengers arrive:

some zoom, some fly, some singing,

world laughs at their drive.


There is no way to reckon

a butterfly in flight.

Divine it looks in movement,

while dancing in delight!


From galaxies unknown,

those sweet creatures seam,

nowhere on this planet,

that shimmer in light beam!


Shall I describe the magpie,

flapping in black and white,

long tail, perfect balance

and graceful like a kite?


My ears are enchanted

when the jays come in groups,

the sparrows chirp and gurgle

and dive in dangerous loops!


A nightingale soprano,

adorable and cute,

so small, so fine, but mighty

she sings and pays tribute…


The doves, in their sweetness

fly straight over my head;

I talk with them and greet them;

I’d caress them instead!


Today surprise? Red-tail

kite, in elegant moves:

A master in all greatness,

his skill and beauty proves.


Shall I tell you the Wonder

of Mother’s Artistry,

all lovely scent and colours

of flowers tapestry?


It took me long to figure

the message of Her sent:

There is a Way to Father

in all those circles blend…


Like in the tulip, seeing

the Sacred Holiness,

in every bee She sends me

the Heaven laughs in bliss!






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