Boom!   Supermassive black hole causes biggest cosmic explosion in recorded history, leaving dent that could fit 15 Milky Way galaxies 28 Feb, 2020  © Chandra: NASA . . . . . . . Get ready for pink and purple skies, a SHIFT precursor, . Cosmic Awareness is the Force of Consciousness that […]

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I’d love, that tiny jay

  I’d Love, That Tiny Jay   I’d love, that tiny jay invite me to dance. That tree would crack and break, but I’d wake up from trance!   I’d love to swing with jay a waltz, in the morn, and feel so blessed and loved, from the day I was born!   Tiny hat […]

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Melania . James Woods 5 July, 2020 Melania turns on that million megawatt smile and the liberals go into troll purgatory for a month. They lose their warped little minds. It’s just delicious! . James Woods 4 July 2020 She is a stunner. Happy, Independence Day, fellow Americans and friends and allies abroad. I looked […]

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To Melania

  To Melania   Rejoice, for where she goes, Heavens are going. Sparks of Light does she carry and blows them glowing.   She comes from far away, Asgard of Lions. A Lioness is she, of Royal eons.   An Angel-like she looks, her warmth is spilling, her smile and her laughter spend children healing. […]

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  India India, February 24, 2020 . I told you, how My children will recognize their brothers, with their heart and essence, Eight Thousand miles flight, . And they will fall’n each other’s open arms, and shed tears, in Unity and FREEDOM, for which they came to fight! THE HUG HEARD ROUND THE WORLD February […]

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  Magnetic   Magnetic is the Power of LOVE in its cosmic effect on all matter.   Relax. Does not belong Tesla or Einstein.   It is of God. . Diamond and Silk® Former NFL player Jack Brewer declares Trump ‘first black president’ For our President, in Love! February 27, 2020, White House, Washington DC […]

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On the wings of His Love

  On The Wings Of His Love   On the wings of His Love we are breathing. On the wings of His Love we all fly! He’s the All, outer Him there is nothing, not an atom or any small fly!   See how stupid to say you are Godless. When All BEING comprised is in Him! […]

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Akashic Healing

  Akashic Healing The New Sacred Mission in Father February 19, 2020, 12:22   A new Healing Mission in Father will be Akashic Healing. The Akasha Records in Deep Space print everything that happens. But the last 26,000 years were a loop of rebelling. That time was not of God. A culture of betrayal, falsity […]

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