Want you know why He was crucified?


Want You Know Why He Was Crucified?

February 20, 2020, 12:22


Don’t cry, for the Light Tide is here!

Don’t cry, there is no other way!

There is no death in God, He is vibrant

alive, and is here to stay!


He came from the Highest of Highest.

Blinded were we, by His brilliance, all.

Yes, He shone Light on den of the vipers,

cockroaches alarmed He to crawl!


Slaves we were, for long ages, and Father

sent His Son, from this prison to free!

God of Love, the Eternal and Loving

sent His Son, God of Love, down he’.


Want you know why He was crucified?

God of Love never punish to die!

There is no Law in God, and no Concept,

for His children beloved to make cry!


Death and pain, God of Love cannot fathom!

Darkness now is dissolved and undone!

Take your concepts of death and get out!

God, the Wondrous, has saved us. It’s done!





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